How to Make Your Own Bubble Bath

It may be obvious to you but I didn’t realize you could make your own bubble bath. I’ve never thought much about bubbles. Sure I like looking at them, sometimes it’s fun to pop them…but I’ve never had any interest in how they’re actually made.

How to Make Your Own Bubble Bath

A secondary title for this post could be Where do the Bubbles Come From? Anyway, now I’m learning all about bubbles and bubble bath. And, well, it’s kind of interesting.

How to make your own bubble bath

Here are the ingredients. And by the way, I should mention I gathered this recipe from around the Internet and have yet to test it. Please let me know if you do and how it goes.

Proportions: 4-4-3 oz of the first three ingredients, a few drops of the essential oils, and mix.

Apparently this makes quite a bit of bubble bath so you only need a few ounces to make your bath bubbly.

I think the important part here is depending on what sort of bath you want is which essential oils you mix in. So, if you want the “Cold and Flu Bath” then you mix oils like eucalyptus, spearmint, and peppermint. If you want the “Relaxation Bath” add lavender and patchouli. For extra luxury try honey and vanilla extract.

Neat hey!?

So the bubbles happen because they’re “surfactants,” which isn’t something I’ve known about until today. This is a $10 word to mean something that lowers the surface tension of liquid (a $5 word meaning it floats on water). When agitated (e.g. filling the tub with water) the bubbles form on top of the liquid.


I should also mention it’s important that the ingredients are natural (even in pre-mixed bubble bath) because if you’re at all sensitive to chemicals or fragrances you risk things like dry skin, contact dermatitis, or eczema.

You wouldn’t want a nice-smelling bubbling relaxation-station to turn into an itchy, scabby mess now would you? Gross.

That said if you already suffer from these skin ailments then you’re probably well-aware of this and take precautions.


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It may be obvious to you but I didn't realize you could make your own bubble bath. I've never thought much about bubbles. Sure I like looking at them, sometimes it's fun to pop them…but I've never had any interest in how they're actually made.

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