My Bath Story (Prepare Yourself, It’s Real)

Prepare yourself, my bath story is real. And what you’re about to read actually happened.

My Bath Story

My Bath Story

Brace yourself. This is a bathtub. A real bathtub. The bathtub I think of every time I consider having a bath.

My Bath Story - My Real Bathtub

I should explain a bit I suppose. In my last couple years of university I lived in a place with many roommates. My friend called it “the sketchy house” but in town it was simply known as “the big house.”

Example: “Hey everybody! Come to the big house after the show. Big party!”

This happened constantly. Oh right, I was in a band with most of my housemates and we played shows on weeknights. Sometimes I wonder how I graduated full stop (and with distinction just confuses me)…there was so much chaos in the house.

As well there were only two bathrooms for nine people. Ten at one point, plus a guy who sometimes slept on the porch.

He wasn’t allowed inside even though we didn’t ever lock the doors.

Anyway, back to My Bath Story

Back to baths, and my bath story in particular. When I first moved in the bathtub was completely full of plants. But it didn’t matter because the gas had been turned off and the people who owed money for the the gas bill had jumped ship. So we left the gas off while the weather was warm and I showered at the YMCA down the road.

Anyway, eventually we paid the bill and got hot water again. But my bathtub story…

OK and then I had surgery on my wrist and I couldn’t take showers anymore. I had to take baths.

Let’s dig deep

I’ve been looking back in my archives and find it strange I didn’t talk about my broken wrist much even though I had to have two surgeries during my fourth year of university and had a cast on for 12 weeks. Then physiotherapy for quite a while. That’s a lot of time. And pain. Maybe I just couldn’t type so I didn’t. I don’t know. That time is a bit fuzzy.

Probably I was just traumatized from the whole “bath thing.”

Anyway,I did write about my wrist a few days after my second surgery. Here’s an excerpt.

Some of you may be wondering how my wrist is doing, since I had surgery on my wrist the day before I left Kamloops: well it hurts a lot and I’ve been regularly taking T3s to help. The side effect is that I seem to be dumber now. I have trouble with simple words and remembering directions (OK that part isn’t weird) and I have completely forgotten my debit pin. That’s the most frustrating part. What the crap mate? Anyway, the swelling is going down, so that’s encouraging.

So if you have any suggestions how I can get over this little mental hurdle regarding bubble baths I’m willing to listen. Now you know my bath story.

Well, one story at any rate.

Other bath stories

Prepare yourself, my bath story is real. And what you're about to read happened. This is the bathtub I think of every time I consider having a bath.

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