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This is such a random musing on easy things that are actually hard, cake, Three Kings Cake, Christmas, and, well, you’ll see.

Three Kings Cake

Three Kings Cake

A small part of my job involves writing radio scripts for some 90 second spots and back in mid-October I had to write some advent and Christmas reflections.

And I thought to myself…piece of cake.

Side note. This reminds me of the Mardi Gras “Three Kings Cake.” It’s a gaudy sparkly cinnamony type cake thing with a plastic baby Jesus doll hidden inside. The thought kind of makes me cringe.

BTW do you want a Three Kings Cake recipe? Cause I thought you might. You’re welcome.

Anyway, so I wrote up the scripts and thought no big deal. Really, no big deal.

I remember some of the words still

When I say the words, “Christmas is coming,” what comes to mind?

For some I’m sure the thought of Christmas rapidly approaching fills you with dread, reminding you of all the gifts left to buy and the decorations to be hung.

For others, however, the anticipation of the coming celebration warms your heart…

The Death of Christmas

Actually I can’t remember any farther than that. Mostly because it’s too ironic.

All that to say last night I ate my words, not my cake.

On a side note that reminds me of another time I ate my words.

For you see, I was relaxing and enjoying my first breath of what I believe I used to call “down time,” when a Christmas commercial came on.

That’s not the weird part. If I saw a commercial NOT mentioning the holidays I would fall over in shock. No, it was the wording of this commercial, which got to me.

OK I will admit what the word was, but you can’t make fun of me. I don’t fully understand why I had such a huge physical reaction but, honestly, the “feeling of dread” was alive and well on my couch last night.


There, I said it.

I heard the word and I completely freaked out. My stomach twisted. I honestly felt a moment of panic because I was reminded that I was not, in fact, shopping for Christmas and there were only two weeks in which to gather the most fabulous gifts for all my family and friends with basically zero budget.

I said basically. I’m afraid to look at what the actual numbers are.

I’m in need of a Santamiracle.

Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I’m I going to have to bake everyone a Three Kings Cake? Can you get a plastic baby Jesus at this time of year?

Anyway, the larger campaign I’m afraid of is Sears: Be the Santa you want to be.

It is so stupid. So very, very stupid (and yes I mean the campaign and my fear).

And honestly, I’m wondering just what I was thinking writing a script like that. IS it actually possible to focus on why we celebrate Christmas when there are only two weeks left until Christmas?

Reality-based Robyn knows it is but maybe it’s a bit harder to focus when you’re fighting to park at the mall on a Saturday afternoon days before the big day.

Dreading-on-the-couch Robyn wants to knit all her gifts this Christmas. Do you think there’s still time?

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This is such a random musing on easy things that are actually hard, cake, Three Kings Cake, Christmas, and, well, you'll see.

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