My Horrible Lamps | DIY Lamp Makeover

If you’ve ever been to my place then you already know about my horrible lamps. It’s a bit of a lamp problem.

My Horrible Lamps

My horrible lamps are terrible but I just can’t get rid of them

Despite being the world’s ugliest lamps they’ve kind of grown on me. There’s something about their uniqueness or…I don’t know, their hugeness or something. And there’s always the ridiculous factor.

Oh, and also because I fear no one would love them like I love them. They’ll fall into neglect or…worse. It’s quite the burden I carry.

So for the past couple years I’ve brainstormed what to do about them to make them more palatable.

What I’ve considered to make my horrible lamps a bit better

  1. Getting new lamps (For a wedding gift I received money towards new lamps, these lamps specifically, so I must say I have considered this option)
  2. Paining the lamps
  3. Purchasing new lamp shades
  4. Re-covering the lamps. With tile

The last one (re-covering with tile) is my favourite idea. And over the course of some time my husband has collected tile remnants for me as well as spray paint, grout, and all the tools I could possibly need.

So I suppose he’s on board.

But for some reason I haven’t got started. And I can’t figure out why I’m so nervous to begin. I mean…could I possibly make the lamps worse?

I really don’t think I could. And if it’s horrible—like beyond awful—I suppose I could bear to part with them. I mean, I do still have Option #1.

Update: the tile option was dumb and the lamp had way too many curves to make it possible. I ended up finding some amazing stone texture spray paint and transformed my horrible lamps from weird shiny purple/pink things into amazing white art deco.

Other DIY projects

I have a "lamp problem." In the form of the world's ugliest lamps. They're terrible, my horrible lamps, but I just can't get rid of them. I'm attached.

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