Festive Febreze | Now I’m Ready to Throw My Tri-Annual Regifting Party

Imagine my surprise and delight when a box FILLED with festive new Febreze fragrance and related products arrived at my doorstep.

new Febreze fragrance

New Febreze fragrance: cranberries and frost

This is a bit weird to admit in public (or at all) but I always notice the air fresheners at my office. I don’t know why. Generally I just take note and continue on with my day but lately I’ve been…more…interested.

Because a couple weeks ago a new freshener arrived. It was this new Febreze fragrance cranberry and frost. INTERESTING! What does frost smell like?

I found myself sneaking off to the bathroom just to spray the stuff…I know right?

So I was pretty happy when the box of new Febreze fragrance arrived at my house. My own cranberries and frost! How did they know!?

The letter accompanying the festive box encouraged me to throw a Kim Kardashian-type party over the holidays and at first I was like, “Well that’s impossible since I’ve never seen her show before.”

But then I unpacked the box and found cranberry and frost everything. Everything! And after a bit of Googling I saw I just needed a theme (how about cranberries and frost) to hold everything together and a few friends to enjoy the warm embrace of my festive-smelling home.

Here’s what was in the Febreze box

After that discovery I decided it was high time to throw my tri-annual Regift-athon Party. But before you get your hopes up, NOTHING from this box of goodies will be regifted. Oh no, no no.

Side note: it’s both weird and scary how quickly I Googled “Kim Kardashian party.” I’m intrigued.

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Imagine my surprise and delight when this box FILLED with festive new Febreze fragrance and related products arrived at my doorstep.

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