BassBuds In-Ear Headphones Make Me Happy [Review]

I have trouble keeping headphones in my ears when I jog so when BassBuds contacted me with a potential solution I was…all ears.

Fancy BassBuds Make Me Happy

BassBuds In-Ear Headphones

BassBuds in-ear headphones are lightweight and have nine interchangeable tips so you can get the perfect fit. As in, maybe they’ll fit in my ears so well they’ll actually stay there.

As a bonus they use something called “crystaltronics” sound technology…there’s even a little Swarovski Crystals embedded in the back of each bud. I don’t know if that enhances anything other than the aesthetics but I can’t say I care! Fancy!

There’s a bit of a swag bag with each pair of BassBuds and you can basically choose any colour you want. The sound quality is good—and the ear buds are so comfortable the first night I tried them I used them for three hours consecutively and my ears felt great. Usually they hurt after an hour or so.

I know this is one of those first-world problems on Twitter or whatever but I’ve been dealing with it since before there was a phrase to describe it. I have trouble keeping headphones in my ears when I jog. So this is a big deal for me.

Time for the real BassBuds test

I had to take these babies out for a jog to see if they held up. Er, I mean stayed in my ears. For some reason I decided to attempt a review vlog to show you my honest reaction or something.

Since I have a perpetual problem keeping headphones in my ears, imagine my surprise when BassBuds contacted me with a potential solution.

The video has some interference—it was extremely windy on test day. Perhaps not the best for vlogging…but excellent for testing the BassBuds!

Though the weather was cold, wet, and windy, I had no trouble hearing my podcast and the one-button control was really easy to use—I didn’t need to read a manual or anything.

Oh yeah, and they STAYED IN MY EARS!

Conclusion: I’m a fan of BassBuds. And if you’re in the market use my promo code BB75268 to save $30 on your very own pair. I think it’s valid through the end of December but if it’s later give it a shot anyway, who knows!?

Thirty bucks baby!

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I have trouble keeping headphones in my ears when I jog so when BassBuds contacted me with a potential solution I was...all ears.

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