Packing List for Edmonton

This packing list for Edmonton, Alberta is kind of personalized for me but I hope it helps you figure out what on earth to pack for this city with ever-changing weather.

Packing List for Edmonton

Packing list for Edmonton

As usual, I’m going to Edmonton for work so this packing list is office casual.

Before writing this post I revisited my packing list from this time last year. I did this because I had the same travel plans.

Of course, last year at this time I was dealing with quite a bit more:

  • Travelling to Edmonton
  • Travelling to Dallas
  • Volunteering at the Olympics
  • Travelling to Nashville
  • Moving into a new home

This year I only have Edmonton and Nashville on the docket.

No big deal!

However, there was a little snag. You see, the airline I flew to Edmonton decided to start charging for a second bag (even though last year I distinctly recall advertising from this airline promising not to do this) and I was planning to take 1. my bag and 2. a tote for the work-thing I was attending. That’s two bags.

Therefore, I was encouraged to pack all my gear in my carry on. Thanks to hindsight, I now know this was said in jest. But me being me, I took this as the ULTIMATE challenge.

Here are the facts:

  • Duration: Four days, three nights
  • Dress code: Office casual
  • Situation: Two days involving travel, three days of many hours standing, one nice dinner
  • Weather: High of -16, lows of -30 and beyond. Projected 10 cm snow
  • Packing list must include: Computer, comfortable (yet appropriate) footwear, wool jacket

Quite the challenge!

Here’s my packing list for Edmonton

Anyway, I have this amazing day pack, which holds much more than it appears and in it I fit:

  • Five underwears
  • Four pairs socks
  • Two pants (plus one jogging pant and zero jeans)
  • Two tops (plus two tanks)
  • One cardigan
  • One pair tights
  • Running shoes
  • Dress boots (low heel and actually I wore these on the plane)
  • Toiletries, all under 50g and in a plastic bag

In my computer bag I brought my computer, notepad, book, and travelling purse (mini for journeys such as these).

Already knowing there was a gym in our hotel, I planned to double use my pjs/jogging gear and made a deal with myself I would go for runs at night but would not sweat. Very important when you only have one of things! Also, I banked on the towels/shampoo etc. at the hotel so skipped that stuff.

Usually on trips I’ll bring clothes I can wear interchangeably but I find it difficult with office clothes. So, I brought three complete outfits and just re-wore one for the fourth day. It worked out alright but I layered my tights under my pants and a tank under my top so I could feel better about wearing something twice. I don’t like repeating my outfits exactly. In high school I wondered if I should write down my outfits so I wouldn’t ever repeat them exactly.

I didn’t do it though. Too lazy.

Oh, I should say one day my feet hurt from a combination of wearing my boots and standing too much so I wore my runners with my office clothes. Major faux-pas I know, but my pants partially covered the shoes and I wore a bold print on top. I also did my hair nice (and wore hoop earrings) all in an effort to hopefully distract others from my fashion flaw.

And honestly I don’t care what it looked like. I saved my feet and felt like I was walking on air all day.

This was one of my most successful packing lists yet. Not only did I have everything I needed, but I had lots of room in my bag just in case I decided to stop into the “buy by the pound” thrift store on the west end.

I did stop in. I had to take the bus there and it cost $2.75 and took half an hour each way but unfortunately, I wasn’t inspired to make a purchase. Also, I managed to get to the mall (you know, that big one) on one of my breaks where I decided antique photos are AWESOME and bought some lip gloss. It was also Chinese New Year and there was a massive dragon parading around.

Of the six photos I took in Edmonton, three were on the bus and three were in the mall.

Slim pickings my friends. This is not exactly a “pretty city” in the winter. The words “dirty,” “brown snow,” and “bland” come to mind though.

Anyway, this time in Edmonton I learned these five things:

Top Five Things I Learned in Edmonton

  1. You can stay underground for quite a while when you’re walking
  2. You can get directions from nearly every person who happens to be walking around in -20 degree weather
  3. People actually thank the bus driver
  4. Shop keepers will let you wait inside their stores while you wait for a bus AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING
  5. People there seem to have an affinity for small talk

All in all, pretty fun. Even if I didn’t really do anything. Or see anyone.

Do you have any additions to improve this packing list for Edmonton?

As usual, I'm going to Edmonton for work. Here's my packing list for Edmonton going for four days, three nights, office casual style and one nice dinner.

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