Packing List: Multi-Trip Edition

When you’re doing multi-trips for work, how do you pack? This is my best attempt at a packing list for multi-work trips. You’re welcome!

Packing List Multi-Trip Edition

Figuring out a packing list when going on multiple, consecutive trips is DIFFICULT to say the least.

It is hard to know what to say about my recent travels because every bit of it is for work and I have about a five per cent interest in bringing work into my personal blog.

However, I have a 90 per cent interest in writing about travelling so…well, like I said. I don’t really know what to say.

The Edmonton trip was planned in 2009, in pencil pretty much since I started working in July. The Dallas trip was a lot less expected. I think I had 10 days notice or something. We have affiliates in Dallas (head office, if you will) and had some meetings to attend. It was all very “whirlwind” and adventurous. I enjoy random trips just as much as planned trips. However, I really had no idea what to expect.

Especially since the trips were back-to-back and I was encountering not only two very different climates and weather conditions, but three different dressing conditions.

Oh, what to pack!!!

Keeping my Robyn-proof Packing List (Golden Rules edition) in mind, I tried to pack to the best of my ability. Unfortunately there were several hiccups including:

  • I’m still moving and have stuff spread out and/or packed
  • No clear idea of what I need
  • Very little time to actually plan/pack

Golden Rules of Roste travel:

Multi-trip Packing List Edition

  • Always write a packing list. Then share with Celia because she’ll remind you to pack underwear
  • Write an events list and what kinds of outfits you’ll need
  • Leave enough time to pack three times:
  • First pack whimsically, vaguely attending to The Packing List
  • Second compare to the events list and pilfer items out
  • Third repeat again, this time making sure items packed are versatile and can be combined more than one way
  • If you’re on a long bus/train trip, avoid shirts with sleeves. You won’t be able to change/shower and you will smell. It is unavoidable. However, your stench will be seriously lessened if you have no sleeves
  • Don’t bring a sleeping bag, blanket or pillow unless you have a car. Just bring one warm coat/fleece and one sheet—bring your Quillow instead of a sheet if it’s not summer
  • Divide your toiletries into sections: Stuff you’ll need while travelling, stuff you’ll need overnight and stuff you’ll only need periodically
  • Always use a backpack unless you’re staying in hotels. You will never regret this
  • Only bring books you’re willing to ditch when finished reading. If you meet cool people you can trade books

Yeah…I only brought books I needed plus that one monster Robert Jordan one I’m still slogging through.

Overall I’d have to say, I’m an old-pro. I not only wore nearly the clothes I packed, but also had clean (and appropriate) clothes the entire trip(s). I say wearing nearly all the clothes a giant success because I always wanted a backup. Just in case. You know how it is.

When you're doing multi-trips for work, how do you pack? This is my best attempt at a packing list for multi-work trips. You're welcome!

Updated packing list for Edmonton

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