Packing List for Malta, Med-Style

My packing list for Malta is next-level. I had an extremely difficult time packing for this one.

Packing list for Malta

OK so the first rule of a great packing list for Malta is following the rules. However, I’ve been keeping too busy, so I couldn’t partake in my usual pack once, twice, third time’s the charm ritual.

In addition, there was the baby-warming of the year Saturday afternoon and I couldn’t miss it even though I desperately needed to pack.

But, for the most part I’m organized and ready to go. I’ve had to whittle my suitcase down to 30 lbs in order to avoid extra charges on my second flight (where my luggage limit is 15 kg vs. 20 on my first flight) and I’m probably going to take one more look at it before I leave for the airport.

Also, I have vague, skeleton plans in place, so my mind feels planned enough to let loose and roll with the Maltese. I’ve heard life is lived at a different pace there, so best be prepared.

Since I couldn’t make a proper packing list for Malta, I spent Saturday throwing appropriate clothes from my closet to my bed. Then, I went through each piece one by one, deciding whether to bring it or not—keeping in mind my four travel days, the wedding, and hen party. Then, to further narrow the pile, I made a rule that each piece of clothing needed to go with at least three other pieces. What a challenge!

So, as of now my suitcase looks like this:

  • four tank tops
  • three t-shirts (two appropriate for dressier events)
  • three two pairs trousers (one appropriate for dressier events)
  • one skirt
  • two dresses (one for the wedding)
  • two bathing suits
  • one sweatshirt
  • one cardigan
  • one jacket
  • 15 underwears
  • seven socks
  • toilettries
  • towel

I think that should get me through travelling, Malta’s humidity, and London’s overcast 20-something summer weather. But we’ll see. The goal mostly is to be dressed appropriately and comfortably, and within the weight constraints and I really can’t tell you if I’ve succeeded until the events happen.

Stay tuned! And I’m OFF!

(BTW, here’s a great introduction to Malta if you’re curious.)

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My packing list for Malta is next-level. I had difficult time packing for this one.  I even skipped my pack once, twice, third time's the charm ritual.

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