Paint-Sation Easel Set from Goliath Review

In my constant searching for great and unique crafts to do with my nieces, and to win and retain the title of “Best Auntie,” the Paint-Sation easel set from Goliath is in my top picks.

Paint-Sation Easel Set Review

Paint-Sation Easel Set review

Not quite knowing what I was getting into, I called my nieces over to paint and dumped the contents of the Paint-Sation easel set onto the hardwood floor.

There weren’t many parts and setup was intuitive and painless. Apart from deciding which brush which child got to use (thankfully the set came with two!) and who got to paint upright on the easel and who got to paint on the floor, we were off and painting within a few minutes.

My biggest struggle was figuring out how the easel could stand best. The plastic pieces snap together just so and they fell over a few times before I got it sturdy enough to paint on.

In truth, I wasn’t snapping the pieces together with enough firmness because the structure was a bit floppy. Once I sorted it out, and snapped with fervour, we were off to the races.

No-Spill Paint

The Paint-Sation easel set comes with three paint pods: red, yellow, blue. The girls chose their prefered bushes and paints and began creating. Mixing all the paints together. While I was a bit sad for the primary colours I was much more excited to see the no-spill paint claim hold up. Without hovering TOO much I let the girls tip and tumble the paint pods around.

In truth, because the pods are so low to the ground there was never a time they were in danger of tipping so after a while I snapped the pods into place on the easel itself to see what happened. Nothing. The paint stayed put, just like they said it would. It was cool.

The set also comes with an initial paper supply, which I thought was a great addition and the girls thought was a painting challenge. Although they cranked out painting after painting, we didn’t get through the provided paper. But auntie has a lot of new art for her walls all the same.

Paint-Sation Easel Set by Goliath Product Description

Get ready to create with Paint-Sation! Each of the self-contained paint pods in the set includes 1.4 ounces of paint. Simply touch your brush along the specially-designed bristles, and you’re ready to paint. If you turn the pod upside-down, the paint won’t drip out! Moms and kids will agree—this paint is Paintsation-al.

Find the Paint-Sation Easel Set on Amazon.

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In my constant searching for great and unique crafts to do with my nieces, the Paint-Sation easel set from Goliath is in my top picks.

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