How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses

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Perfect Sunglasses

My Quest for the Perfect Sunglasses

On our last vacation, my husband and I spent, oh, 34 hours in different US cities on layovers. Sometimes we left the airport, thank goodness. But sometimes the airport’s proximity to things and the hours between flights didn’t line up and we explored indoors instead.

It’s funny what you get up to when you’re stuck at an airport. Here’s what we did.

  • Shopped hard for the perfect neck pillow
  • Judged restaurants by their seating chart
  • Attempted to sneak onto an airline-crew-only airport shuttle
  • Counted Starbucks
  • Counted steps between Starbucks
  • Tried on every pair of sunglasses at every kiosk in every airport

I read somewhere sunglasses are the one accessory that never goes out of style. I mean, yeah. Sunglasses are fashionable always.

And the kiosks prove this—there are no end to options. In an overwhelming kind of way. Styles, sizes, UV protection levels, lens options…and that’s all before talking about your prescription and pupillary distance!

But if you’re anything like me, sunglasses are a practical necessity for sunny days. They protect your eyes from bright light, they help prevent wrinkles because they keep you from squinting, and they help you see when driving into sunrise/sunset.

But I don’t need to convince you on the merits of eye wear.

If you live somewhere with available outdoors activities, there will be bright light and you will want sunglasses.

But how do you choose the perfect sunglasses?

Trying on eyeglasses is important because not all glasses frames are the same. And neither are faces. Some shapes look amazing on one person and horrific on another. And if they look terrible you’re not going to wear them. You’re throwing away money.

Try it on

I love how websites help you buy glasses online by letting you virtually try them on. It takes the risk out of online shopping and gives you some cheap entertainment! I mean, I had a lot of fun choosing my new sunglasses.

(See what I mean about choosing the wrong glasses?)

When you can shop online, try them on ahead of time, and save a bundle, I don’t know why we’re not all stocking up on sunglasses. I mean, unless you have time to try on every pair of sunglasses at every single kiosk in four airports. Then I suppose you aren’t looking for ways to speed up your shopping experience.

Or, you’re like me and choose the worst possible flight itinerary to save $400.

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If you live somewhere with available outdoors activities, you will want eye protection. But how do you choose the perfect sunglasses?

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