Peer Pressure Bubble Baths | Are Baths Relaxing?

Over and over I’ve been reading about how the main benefit of bubble baths is they’re stress relievers. And I’ve been thinking about that because there’s a lot of stress in my life.

Bubble Baths

I mean, the stress is less than a couple years ago (I can tell when I’m too stressed because a certain POP sounds in my neck and I know I’m hunching over too much, staring at the computer…willing myself to write the words that put food on my table), but stress nonetheless.

That’s kind of an odd way to put it. Sorry.

So now, after reading about how relaxing and stress-reducing these bubble baths are…I want to know why.

I mean, it’s one thing to tell me they’re relaxing, but you can’t really expect me to just JUMP into the tub because 18,000 Internet pages written by people I don’t know say it’s relaxing.

It’s the whole “If all your friends were going to jump off a really high building” thing all over again.

Peer Pressure Bubble Baths

Say “No!” to peer pressure!

I’ve looked and looked (well, Googled and Binged anyway) and can’t find anyone who’s telling me why they’re stress-reducing. Or how it all works.

However, they do tell me the ingredients for a stress-relieving bubble bath.

  • Shut the bathroom door
  • Soak for as long as possible
  • Use candles
  • Put good smelling body wash near you
  • Use good-smelling bubble bath or bath salts
  • Turn on the radio (why does everyone suggest the radio? Do people still listen to the radio for fun? And what station? The hockey game? That’s about all I would turn the radio on for unless I’m at work. And that’s because I work in radio. Wait. Did I say too much?)
  • Arrange fresh flowers in the bathroom


I guess I’m taking this all a bit seriously. I mean, I was hoping someone would figure out the best temperature to bathe at, and the most relaxing smell and sound and atmosphere. Colour even. Hey, if it means I’ll be less stressed, I’ll repaint my bathroom, sure!

But no. You want me to turn on the radio and sit in my own filth for as long as I can stand it. OK. I’ll play your game. I’ll DO IT ALREADY.

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Over and over I've been reading about how the main benefit of bubble baths is they're stress relievers. And that's interesting because I'm stressed.

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