Well Everyone, I Had a Bubble Bath

The rumours are true, I had a bubble bath. This may not seem like a big deal but since I have an aversion to the bubble bath…this is an accomplishment.

The Time I Had a Bubble Bath

I inched towards a bubble bath by adding one milk bath my husband H bought me wayyyy back when we were dating. Actually perhaps I’ll digress for a second.


I’ve already eluded to being not just a bit but extremely stressed out to the point I was having a physical reaction and my then boyfriend noticed and thought he should do something about it. So he bought me…wait for it…bubble bath.

Don’t get me wrong, it was such a sweet gesture. However, it kind of made things worse since I disliked the idea of a bath so.

He felt bad, I wish I had just had the stupid bubble bath. And then admitted he was originally wanting to get me a spa day but didn’t know if I’d go for it and then he’d have wasted a ton of money.

The Bubble Bath

Anyway, it has now been a year and however long and finally I’m ready to use his token of love. The bubble bath.

So, I poured it into the bath. And things got bubbly, and smelled pretty nice too.

And then I got to thinking…I have all this other bath stuff just sitting around…and I never use it so…I started dumping more and more stuff in.

Foolhardy maybe but I honestly didn’t care. I had been working myself up to taking a bath for however many days, like 29 or something, and by golly I just didn’t care.

So I threw in some bath salts and some of those thingies that release bath oil when they’re in the water. And some other stuff. The bubbles didn’t go crazy or anything, but the smells became less recognizable. Still good though.

Anyway, then I wasn’t quite sure what to do in the bath. I’ve had bad experiences in the past getting my books all soggy and dropping things better left dry into the water so I was a bit shy to try again. Instead I popped a movie on my iPad (don’t worry it was far away from the splash zone) and attempted to getting my relax on.

In the end it was fine. I hung out in the bubble bath the water was lukewarm and the bubbles were a distant memory. That’s long enough.

I didn’t feel yucky or gross or anything, although the tub needed a scrub after. And yet, it was fine.

So I did it. I faced my fear of bubble baths and am alive to tell the story. The very interesting and amazing story.

The rumours are true, I had a bubble bath. This may not seem like a big deal but since I have an aversion to the bubble bath…this is an accomplishment.

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