Top Five Favourite Travel Destinations

Everyone has a different list of their favourite places to visit and top travel destinations but I didn’t really believe it would be so difficult to choose my top five.

Travel Destinations

For this roundup I chose entire countries as travel destinations rather than cities because it made choosing just that much easier. So here are my personal Top Five Favourite Travel Destinations collected through years of travelling and adventuring. Both of which I rarely do anymore. Because I’m responsible.

Note to self: Must fix.

Top Five Favourite Travel Destinations

New Zealand. In December 2007 I was fortunate to go on a working holiday to New Zealand. What an incredible place. In many ways it’s a lot like a mini-Canada but it’s also quite unique. It’s friendly, laid back, diverse, and quirky. My top city is Queenstown—I was quite sure I could happily transplant here after only spending a few hours in the downtown.

Norway. My heritage is Norwegian and I had always wanted to go there. Maybe even live there. So while I was living in England I made it a point to go there. Twice. Or was it three times? Oh dear I’m getting old. Twice. Anyway, I made some great friends in Norway and look forward to finally making it to Bergen, which is closer to where my actual relatives are from and may even still reside. So although I’ve been to Norway three times (?) no, twice, it’s still on my to-do list.

Malta. Malta was the big surprise of this list for me. It was barely a place I had heard of before a friend moved there but visiting last summer was absolutely amazing! What a fascinating island filled to the brim with culture and history. I would go back in a second. My favourite spot in Malta was the stunning Comino Island with the tropical fish, craggy cliffs, and perfect aqua water.

England. Obviously this country is close to my heart. It once was The Netherlands but I suppose all things change in time. I’ve spent much time there living and exploring and still believe there’s more to experience. Every time I travel overseas I make sure to stay in England at least for a few hours. There are many great memories and stories still waiting for me there.

And fifth (but not last)

South Africa. I travelled to South Africa the first time before I fully understood it was definitely it’s own country and not just an area. It’s a place engraved on me. I’ve only spent four months and two visits there but it’s the kind of place that leaves its mark. This is another place I could happily relocate to although I don’t know how to explain it. It’s the scariest, roughest, most amazing, beautiful, rugged, romantic, exciting place I’ve ever been. I’ve had the best—and worst—moments of my life in that part of the world.

I’m interested to know where your favourite places to travel are. I need to start working on my next to-do travel list!

Everyone has a different list of their favourite places to visit and top travel destinations but I didn't really believe it would be so difficult to choose.

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