Always and Tampax Radiant [Review]

It has been a while since I’ve used traditional products so a Always and Tampax Radiant review is overdue. Although, to be honest, this is one of the more uncomfortable posts I’ve written in a while.

Always and Tampax Radiant

Why I’m excited to try Always and Tampax Radiant products

Although I’ve been a loyal DivaCup user for the past year or so, I was starting to wonder if I should switch back to the “usual suspects.” As well, I’m well aware the reason I tried the Diva Cup in the first place was because of a product review I saw on another blog. So I will pay it forward or whatever, grit my teeth through my discomfort talking about girly things in public, and hopefully help some people out.

OK so I did give these products a fair shot. I took a month off to try the new Radiant Tampax tampons and Always pads and Always liners. I should explain in my teenage years I was incredibly loyal to these brands so I actually am well-acquainted with the product.

And I have nothing negative to say about the Always and Tampax Radiant line. They all did what they were meant to, they did nothing they weren’t supposed to and they were more or less comfortable. (I say “more or less” because, well, what type of menstrual product is comfortable?)

Anyway, the only thing I can’t wrap my head around is how this is really anything more than a redesign. Not that it’s a bad redesign, I just didn’t find anything “new” or “revolutionary” about the Radiant line that Tampax and Always hasn’t done in the past.

Here are the cold, hard facts.

Always and Tampax Radiant

  • I went to a couple stores to check out the price point: right in line with everything else, so that’s great
  • As well in each box there are $5 worth of coupons good for Always, Tampax, or Cover Girl products—and they’re good for at least a year from now. Also good
  • The pads aren’t too bulky, the liners stay in place, and the tampons don’t leak. That means I’m happy
  • The products are simple to use and the instructions are clear

Would I purchase these products in the future? I don’t see why not. But I don’t feel as loyal as I once did. I think if they had gone the “green” direction they would probably have hooked me.

Oh, I should also say while I was researching what other people have said about this line I came upon some YouTube reviews and I was absolutely mortified. These people were smelling the products. Albeit clean, new products. But still! Gross!

I’m just too shy for that sort of YouTubing. *blush* So I hope you feel informed…but not too informed.

Other reviews

I wanted to try out the new line of Tampax and Always Radiant products because although I've been a loyal Diva Cup user I wondered if I should switch back.

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