What is Distraction-Free Writing and How Can Write! Help?

Over the past couple months I’ve tested Write! App to see if I could adjust to a distraction-free writing with a distraction-free text editor.

Distraction-free writing and why you should consider it

And by test I should be upfront. I stared at the shortcut on my desktop and thought of reasons why I didn’t need to use it.

Because I’m a writer with a writing process and being distracted is integral to my creative process.

What is distraction-free writing?

All writers have a process I suppose. But my process (slash super power) seems to turn writing 800-word articles into weeklong exercises if I let it. And often I do. And deep down I know I need help in the form of distraction-free writing software. I don’t want help (I love my process!) but I’m under constant duress deadline and my process doesn’t *get* deadlines.

Because here’s the thing. I’m trying to move the needle forward, trying to go pro-pro. You know, like I’m a professional writer but I am ready for the next level and I have a 10-step plan to get there. (If you’re curious, I’m on step seven and I started at the beginning of the year by getting up at 4:30 a.m. to do the hard work.) In order to reach my goals I have to be more prolific. And to be more prolific? Well, honey, ya need a new process.

best distraction-free writing tools

Distraction-free writing is the minimalist’s approach to getting things done. And I have trouble getting rid of stuff

Distraction-free text editors, also known as distraction-free writing apps, distraction-free writing tools, and professional text editors, have a fancy way of making all the features, badges, notifications, icons, etc. disappear from your computer so all you can do is write.

Scary, I know. Like I said, I came up with some VERY creative reasons why I didn’t need to use distraction-free writing software.


If you want to see my first go (and get in my brain as this is a literal play-by-play of my initial test) check out my Write! App test here.

There are lots of these tools out there, some free, some paid, some hybrid. By my estimations they all do more or less the same thing. Why did I test Write! App? They asked me to (thanks Daniel!). Because I was looking for reasons to hate the tool I combed through the FAQs, features and blog. All that did was end up teaching me how to use the app and clued me in to how powerful it could be for my writing.

So I stopped stalling and started writing, and it was awesome. Because it’s cloud-based I can use it on whichever computer I feel like (in my house it’s whatever computer has the best relationship with the Internet that day), and I can set up writing sessions with grouped tabs and keep my projects separate. I’m seeing SO many useful applications. My biggest complaint was having to use an exclamation point after Write! because I felt like it made me seem excited about the tool when really it was part of the name…but turns out I’m excited about Write!(!).

Why I need this in my life

Like I said, I’ve got writing goals. And I have two hours per day set aside for achieving them. Yes, that’s significant but it’s not a lot of time. So I need to optimize my time and use it sans distractions. I need this, even though change is scary.

Write! App—The Only Text Editor You Need For Distraction-Free Writing product description

This one is important too. Even if you went to a mountaintop where there is literally nothing else to do but write, there is still the matter of the tool you’re using. Namely, your text editing software. Fancy-pants all-purpose text editing programs are overabundant with features, badges, icons, templates, options, and a ton of other stuff that only takes up screen space and RAM.

To truly immerse yourself in your process, try using a distraction-free text editor like Write! It’s a great solution for any kind of writing from Tweets to short stories to novels. It’s as functional as it is beautiful with a minimalist design and a specialized focus mode for concentrating on one paragraph at a time.

It now even has a publishing feature. In just a few clicks, your writing can be up online for anyone you’d like to see it, whether your editor or your Twitter followers.

Write! is a distraction-free writing text editor for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has a multitude of features that help focus only on what matters.

Do you have a favourite distraction-free writing tool? Tell me about it. I’ll try it.

Over the past couple months I've tested Write! App to see if I could adjust to a distraction-free writing with a distraction-free text editor.

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Over the past couple months I've tested Write! App to see if I could adjust to a distraction-free writing with a distraction-free text editor.