What’s With the Rubber Ducky?

OK so I know everything thinks rubber duckies are cute and fun and whatever but now I want to know what’s with the rubber ducky?. Seriously!

Rubber Ducky

I mean, what is it about the duck exactly that makes it the #1 bath toy? Did Sesame Street do this? According to a Muppet Wiki (really), the duck has been making bath time appearances on the show since 1977.

Muppet Wiki also told me it’s spelled “duckie” not “ducky.” Whoops.

Anyway, rubber ducks have been around since the 1920s and haven’t changed too much over the years. Except it used to be made from hard rubber, and then other rubber (whatever that means) and now vinyl plastic.

And yes, by vinyl plastic I do mean PVC7.

Despite the little bit of bad press the whole “bad plastic thing” brought out a couple years back, the rubber ducky is still a classic bath time icon in many households.

What makes the rubber ducky so special?

Here are a few reasons.

  • They’re inexpensive yet versatile. Not only do they float but they squeak and squirt. Cool!
  • There are many different variations of rubber duckies so you can collect them. Could be fun, you could have a bunch of pirate ducks and then have some mangy ducks and maybe even some, like, British ducks who are protecting the Queen duck with it’s little crown and have a big seafaring battle to the death or something. Just throwing it out there.
  • Durability. Yes, I said it. Rubber ducks are in it for the long-haul. None of this five-year garbage. You’re passing that thing down.
  • High silly factor. Who doesn’t smile a little bit when s/he sees a rubber ducky? Come on, you know you do!
  • You can tell your secrets to the rubber ducky and he won’t tell anyone else. But he will nod sportively if you splash around a little bit while you speak. (PS. It’s called “Rubber-ducking.” I can’t even type that without laughing. Too funny)
  • The genius of the rubber duck is in its artlessness.” This is a quote from a really crazy ode to rubber ducks so I’m linking it. However, I’m qualifying this link by saying there’s a lot of rubber duck love going on over there and read at your own risk.

And those are just a few of the reasons I found. Wowzers, people love their rubber ducky.

Also if you want to test your rubber duck knowledge, there’s a quiz for that.

Of course there is.

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OK so I know everything thinks rubber duckies are cute and fun and whatever but now I want to know what's with the rubber ducky?. Seriously!

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