Why WOULDN’T You Enter a Contest?

I’m wondering why you wouldn’t enter a contest. Like, what reasons would you have for not entering? What would make you pass it by? Kind of random, I know, but I’m curious!

Why wouldn't you enter a contest?

This is kind of a random question but I was asking a friend about her current win streak on blog contests and was surprised to learn of her low entries of late.

Why wouldn’t you enter a contest?

I was surprised because my friend is basically my contest mentor. I am a lazy contest-enter-er (if I have to make more than the minimum effort, I’m out) and appreciate the people who really go for it and are rewarded as a result.

So what has changed?

In essence, she said the contests haven’t been rewarding enough lately, so her motivation is weaning.

This got me to thinking perhaps my own laziness isn’t the only reason I am not a frequent contester…maybe there’s more.

I’ve taken a look at the available contests out there this week and formulated the following reasons why I would not enter a contest on a blog.

  1. There are over 1,000 entries already and I don’t feel I would have a chance
  2. The one mandatory entry I have to make unlocks 20-200 more potential entries. I feel a scam coming on and stop before I begin
  3. I have to “like” more than two things on Facebook. Hate that
  4. I have to subscribe to an email. No. I will only subscribe to email lists I am actually interested in. To enter a contest? No
  5. The writing on the blog is terrible. I don’t care what you’re giving away, if you can’t explain it to me, I’m not sticking around
  6. The entry form is too complicated. Sorry, I’m only skimming. If I have to concentrate on the rules I probably won’t bother
  7. There are more than two things to do. I will leave a comment or tweet it. I may even follow you on something or other, but if I have to “Pin it to Win it” and then “Share” it to all my followers and then leave a comment with all the links and then get five other people to Pin it as well…um…no
  8. And, of course, because the product has no value or relevance to me

But that’s just me. What about you? I have a couple opportunities for some giveaways on this blog and I would like to know why wouldn’t you enter a contest.

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Other deep thoughts

I'm wondering why you wouldn't enter a contest. Like, what reasons would you have for not entering? What would make you pass it by? Kind of random, I know, but I'm curious!

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