Zucchini Tales

These are the beginning of my zucchini tales. I have a feeling this won’t be the end. Because zucchini is awesome. And difficult to kill. So.

Zucchini Tales

It all started simply enough, mom had record-sized-and-numbered zucchini in her greenhouse and offered one to me.

Of course I accepted. Because zucchini tales must be told.


Well that same week I was invited over to a friend’s house and when I asked what to bring she said something like, “Well, what do you have?”

Oh! Zucchini!

So I brought it on over and she cooked it on up and it was fabulous and delicious.

So, you understand when I gladly accepted a second zucchini. And a third.

Thus, the zucchini tales are growing and must be told to make room for more

Although I was invited out for dinner a few times over the next couple weeks, I did not have the opportunity to bring out any more zucchini. And then I was house sitting for a few days, and sometimes I forget about what’s in the drawers of my fridge and…well you know.

By the time I re-discovered the zucchini it had lost its firmness and started to grow a beard. Oh my…

Time to bake! Because zucchini tales!

I looked up a couple recipes online and decided to challenge myself: I would only bake what I could make from the ingredients already in my house.

The challenge was twofold.

  1. Because I rarely feel like shopping
  2. Because I am trying to learn the art of making the most of what I already have

So I started with bread. My grandma had given me some zucchini bread a while back and even though she said she had to cut the bottom off because it wasn’t perfect, I thought it was tasty. Also, I had recently made banana bread and it was so fabulous I was stoked to try again.


zucchini tales zucchini bread fail

Something happened.

I knew it wasn’t cooking properly, but the top was starting to burn! It was disappointing but I still had another zucchini so I kept going. This time I made soup. I didn’t take any photos but trust me when I say yum.

It’s peppery and zucchini-y and awesome! The purée soup also freezes well so I’ve had some awesome lunches this month. (BTW here’s a great recipe for Easy Zucchini Soup. You’re welcome.)

But the soup working out didn’t distract me from the bread disaster. What happened?

It rolled around my head all night and it came to me in the shower. I cleaned the oven a couple nights ago and must’ve disconnected the bottom burner thingy! Eureka!

So, I tried again. I didn’t have any more zucchini but I still had about 15 baking apples leftover from the orchard. And I was still up to my personal challenge…

zucchini tales delicious zucchini and apple pie

I’m back!

Until I have more zucchini tales here are some great gardening-related posts

These are the beginning of my zucchini tales. I have a feeling this won't be the end. Because zucchini is awesome. And difficult to kill. So.

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