How to Balance Marketing and Sales

If you’re running a freelance business you already know you need both marketing and sales. Even if you’re not stoked on it, you’ve accepted it as part of your life.

How to Balance Marketing and Sales

And if you’re thinking about starting a freelance writing business then this is your official notice that you will need to employ marketing and sales tactics if you’d like run a successful business.

Doesn’t have to be icky, doesn’t have to be high pressure, but it DOES have to exist.

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How to balance marketing and sales

These days there are super helpful apps and cloud-based services that can make creating marketing and sales funnels super easy. Here are a few ideas to get the gears turning.

Automated systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Hubspot are super helpful when setting up systems in your business. You can use CRMs for a variety of functions like onboarding, offboarding, and even keep-in-touch strategies.

CRMs allow you to set up consistent communications and invoicing processes so you can optimize and scale your business.

And please don’t worry about becoming a robot! You honestly can integrate automated systems into your marketing and sales flow and it can be a great enhancement to your workflow. Consider only automating repeatable tasks that you don’t need to add a personal touch to until you feel more comfortable with letting go of control.

CRMs are the best tools for sales and marketing automation, allowing you to track your leads, maintain warm relationships, and close sales like a boss.

When you get to the place of accepting marketing as part of your life, and incorporate tools that can automate and make your life easier, you’ll see your conversion rate increase and reduce inefficiencies. You’ll also have more time to focus on actual writing.

If you're running a freelance business you already know you need both marketing and sales. Even if you're not stoked on it, you've accepted it as part of your life.

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