Content Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Prospect Funnel Full

If you’re a business owner or freelancer on any level you know the importance of keeping the content marketing ideas flowing. Without solid systems in place keeping up with marketing it’s easy to let things slide. Because being creative and keeping your name top of your prospect’s mind can become a full-time job if you let it.

Content Marketing Ideas

4 Content Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Prospect Funnel Full

Even if your client roster is full, it’s a good idea to keep prospecting. Perhaps you’re not in sales mode but you want a system in place to keep warming people up to work with you in six, nine, 15 months down the road when your current projects are complete.

Consistent marketing is how you avoid the freelancer feast-and-famine cycle. It’s how you keep steady inquiries coming through the door. Marketing is how you’re able to choose projects rather than take what comes because you need the money. Marketing is no joke.

That said, there are different levels and intensities of marketing and you don’t need all systems firing on all cylinders if you’re in a busy time and cannot take on any new business. Break apart your different marketing approaches into categories and scale it up and down as necessary. But don’t stop marketing!

Here are some long-term content marketing ideas for things to work on when you don’t need clients right this second.

Video (Yes, and this is one of those Content marketing Ideas that’s Not Going Away)

South By Southwest is over and video is the big takeaway. You’ve got to do it (I’ve got to do it). This year, it’s projected that some 80% of internet traffic will be video based. Crazy. Even if you’re main way of consuming information isn’t by video this is where the digital infrastructure is building. The social networks are preparing for it. YouTube is back in the big-players game. Lean into video and figure out how you can use it to grow your business. It doesn’t have to be fancy but start warming up to it. And with the development of voice search it’s in your best interest on a few levels.


Like I just said, voice search. It’s a thing. The more options you can give your readers and prospects online, the better. If you can host a company podcast, you’re reaching a new audience as well as establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Yes there are a few steps to getting started but that’s what people like me are for. I wrote a guide for planning a podcast in nine steps and there are helpful guides like “how to record audio on Mac – Setapp.” It’s possible. You can do it.

Long-Form Content

This is one of the most-requested services I’m asked for these days. Long-form, thought-leadership pieces for company websites. Blogs are back! Well, maybe they’re not called blogs so much these days but showing up with consistent, authoritative pieces on your site isn’t just good for SEO, it’s good for business. And don’t worry about the time and energy you spend on creating these pieces, they become the foundation of other pieces of your marketing. Serious! Create videos, podcasts and ebooks or re-purpose it into smaller social media posts and even marketing copy. You won’t regret investing in long-form content.

Guest articles (As far as content marketing ideas go, this is one that was big, went out of fashion and is back again)

Another interesting way to market yourself is to produce helpful content for other people’s websites. Look for sites who serve a similar target market to yours and see if there’s something you can contribute. This not only helps you grow a relationship with the site owner (networking!) but it puts you in front of a new audience. If done well, guest posting can be a win-win-win.

Those are my top four content marketing ideas for ways you can keep your outreach consistent while continuing to serve your current clients with excellence.

If you're a business owner or freelancer on any level you know the importance of keeping the content marketing ideas flowing.

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