Valuable Advice for Freelancers | 3 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing yourself is a huge part of running a freelance business and yet these four marketing mistakes are made all the time. All the time!

Marketing mistakes for freelancers to avoid

There are all sorts of stats flying around about how Millenials all have side hustles and make something like $250 extra per month from them.

So everyone’s a freelancer now, right?

But the thing is, freelancing doesn’t have to be some sort of little odd jobs racket. But how do you turn things around and make real money from freelancing?


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Good marketing.

No marketing generally means no one hears about you or knows what you do.

Good marketing keeps your prospect funnel full and attracts your ideal customers to you.

Bad marketing means you enter the dreaded feast or famine cycle. Or worse.

The consequences of poor marketing is like taking random shots in the dark. Regardless of how great your product or service is, people can’t get a handle on what you do or who you serve.

Bad marketing means your message is muddled, inconsistent or muted.

Here are three marketing mistakes to avoid

Not having a marketing plan

Honestly, you won’t go wrong by investing the time in a solid marketing strategy.

It will take time or money, or both, to put it together but once you have it mapped out it’s a road map to follow. One that shows you where to pour your marketing efforts and helps you ignore all the shiny objects and other trends that only serve to distract you.

Trying to run a viable business without marketing plan is almost an impossible task.

Although you may find clients or grab bylines, your success will be scattered rather than strategic.

Every business needs a well-thought-through marketing plan that will help them target the right customers effectively without wasting a lot of money.

Another thing to note about marketing plans is you don’t have to create or implement these on your own. It’s not for everyone!

Only marketing when sales are low


If I hear a fellow freelancer bail out of marketing because they’re busy or have a full client load ONE MORE TIME….

Here’s the thing. You should always be marketing. Now, the intensity level may wax and wane as you have capacity, but the marketing machine should always be running.

So many business owners think they only need marketing when they’re trying to rustle up work. That, my friend, is how you get stuck in the feast and famine cycle.

It takes time for prospects to get to know you, like you and trust you. Not everyone is ready to hire the moment they hear about your service.

Keep up good marketing habits.

Considering marketing as a huge business cost

Do you think about marketing as a cost or an investment?

If you’re thinking of marketing as a horrible chore, then you’re doing it wrong.

Marketing should be an investment into your future business, and your marketing plan will ensure your messaging and positioning are allowing you to run the type of freelance business you want.

Figure out a way to reframe your view of marketing and stop making these marketing mistakes. If it feels icky then take a look at the tactics you’re using. They shouldn’t feel icky.

Change your tactics, don’t bail on marketing.

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