Exquisitely Imperfect: Choosing Life Unfiltered [new book]

In December 2015 I asked by Insight for Living Ministries if I would contribute to a woman’s devotional (hint: Exquisitely Imperfect) with a planned publish date of 2016 and if so to choose a topic.

Exquisitely Imperfect Choosing Life Unfiltered

The exquisitely imperfect story of Exquisitely Imperfect

My topic options were fourfold.

  1. Romance
  2. Procrastination
  3. Self-worth/Self-image
  4. Work/Life Balance

I’ve written for Insight for Living Ministries before, even contributed to a similar book a couple years ago, so was happy for the opportunity. I said either procrastination or work/life balance would be great topics, was awarded both, and received my official assignment a few days later. Chapter deadline: March 2016.

Three months pass | Exquisitely Imperfect

My chapter topics were easy in a sense—I had lots to say about both (I’m quite an experienced procrastinator and always catching my balance) and spent most of my writing time conforming to the chapter instructions (16 points in total). I sent them in, received some initial feedback and then…nothing.

Since I work at the Canadian Insight for Living office I could see the women’s devotional book on the schedule so didn’t worry much about the progress. Also since I had submitted my chapters there wasn’t much for me to do anyway—not my book, not my problem (if you know me at all you know I was all talk and on the inside was totally worried about the book never getting published).

Six months pass | Exquisitely Imperfect

In September I received my edited chapters and asked to review them and revise where necessary.

Oh yay! It’s still happening!

Not that I was worried about the book.

I re-submitted my chapters and in October we finalized the chapter titles and extra features.

Four months pass

Exquisitely Imperfect cover

After jumping all around the schedule the “women’s devotional” fell off the plan and a book called Exquisitely Imperfect: Choosing Life Unfiltered went onto the plan for February 2017. Could this be it? (Yes. Yes it was.)

Contributing chapters is a funny experience because you don’t (at least in my experience) receive a lot of information and must trust your editors and publishers for everything. All the pressure is on them to make it happen/work and all the pressure is on you to leave it alone.

Exquisitely Imperfect TOC

I heard the books went to print in January and got my hands on a copy by the end of the month.

My thoughts?

First of all, it feels so nice. The cover is this soft-coated paper and the colours are pretty pastels, which I find relaxing. Second, the chapters go well together. It’s a book about the everyday pressures women feel (from within, from others, from wherever) to have it all together and do it all. There are the topics I wrote about (procrastinating and work/life balance) mixed in with expectations, depression, fear, and self-esteem. It’s emotional, encouraging, and deep. I’m quite impressed.

Exquisitely Imperfect was released February 1, 2017 and is available from Insight for Living Ministries. If you purchase a copy I won’t receive royalties but you will support the ministry, so thanks!

Other book projects

Exquisitely Imperfect was released February 1, 2017 and is available from Insight for Living. This is the exquisitely imperfect story.

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