Flying Insects vs. Car Windshields (Battle to the Death)

Flying insects vs. car windshields might sound like a not-so-epic battle (because, um, flying insects lose right?) but let’s see how this one plays out. Alright? Come along my friend.

Flying Insects vs. Car Windshields

Flying Insects vs. Car Windshields

I don’t know if you guys are into podcasts but if you are, you probably listen to Stuff You Should Know. I say that because it’s always hovering around the Top 10 Podcast list in iTunes.

And if you listen to it with any regularity you probably heard the podcast on Blood Spatter. That’s right, I said spatter, not splatter. The podcast was totally gruesome and I had to turn down the volume for most of the podcast (blood + guts = gross) but I did learn the term is “spatter” and not “splatter.”

Another introduction I could have used for this little tale about flying insects and car windshields is tell you about this time I went to a friend’s place and she somehow convinced me to sit through two episodes of Dexter. Gross! Yet interesting.

Because Dexter works by day as a blood pattern analyst and by night as a serial killer. He’s quite the complicated character. In case you live under a rock.

All this to say I saw a poster in Washington state a couple weeks ago teaching kids the different flying insect splatters on their car windshields. Yes, you too can be a bug pattern analyst (just like Dexter?) by learning the blood splatter patterns. Except for me I keep wondering why it’s “splatter” and not “spatter.” I mean, what’s the difference?

Here’s a theory: it could be because of the size of the evidence. Blood leaves a small trail and thus is a small “spatter,” while a splattered bug on the windshield is large and smears everywhere if you don’t have the pink washer fluid.

Note to self: Listen to podcast again.

Second note to self: Get pink washer fluid to deal with flying insect thing.

I don’t think we need a scorecard for this one. If a bug and a car are travelling towards each other the car will win. Anyone who has ever driven in the prairies in the summer knows this.

Although the poster is really fun and creative, my problem with it is it shows the bugs mostly intact. But if you’re travelling at US interstate (or Canadian freeway) speeds, I don’t know if the bugs are so readily identifiable. Can someone go on a road trip and let me know how it goes? You can go all CSI if you want. I’d like it.

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Flying insects vs. car windshields might sound like a not-so-epic battle (because, um, flying insects lose right?) but let's see how this one plays out.

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