Mooseloaf AKA Game With a Happy Ending

Have you ever heard of mooseloaf? Me either until now. And you know what? It’s awesome!

Mooseloaf Recipe (meatloaf)

Mooseloaf Definition and Recipe

  • What do you get when you cross moose hamburger, two really large onions, red wine, garlic, and whipping cream?
  • How do you pass a lonely evening with too much creativity and limited energy?
  • What is the only thing I know how to cook with moose meat?

Well I don’t know what your guess is but I’ll bet it isn’t mooseloaf. That’s right I said it, mooseloaf.

Anyway, no big deal, I just found an awesome recipe for game and happened to have a bit o’ game in my freezer.

I prepared for mooseloaf the way I would for any kitchen challenge.

The day before I thawed the meat. Then I looked up different recipes, choosing based on how few ingredients I needed to purchase.

That’s the right way to cook mooseloaf, right?

Then I went and got the whipping cream, onions and garlic.

Once I got home from the store I started chopping onions with vigour. You know, I always thought I was one of “those people.” Prided myself on it, even. You know, the ones who don’t cry whilst chopping onions.

Well, I’m a big fat crybaby so there. I only had to chop two onions and yet I cried my little eyes out. But through it all I somehow (unbelievably) continued to chop and then cook. I think it was the blog that gave me strength. It kept saying thinks like, “They want moose, you can’t give up now. Plus, your moose is already thawed and it’s going to go rank.”

This recipe was more involved than any meatloaf I’ve ever made before, but I figured it was to compensate for the gamey-ness of the moose. You know, because this meat was straight from the Northern British Columbia forest and didn’t have the natural preservative flavour we’re used to from our grocery freezers.

So I continued. And the clock tick, tick, ticked.

OK, I guess you can see in the onion photo at the top that I really didn’t get going until pretty late, but it took a long time to find a good recipe! And then the thing had to cook for over an hour! I was ready for bed by the time it came out of the oven.

The good news is the whole house smelled wonderful and spicy and the mooseloaf was really great in my lunch the next day.

And the next.

And the next.

Truth be told, I still have a lot of mooseloaf left. I don’t want to make it for a long time.

Oh, I should note (thanks to Google) “mooseloaf” is also some guy who posts inappropriate content on YouTube and/or some French musician on lastFM, but I don’t care. I think the name is slightly more fitting in this context so I’ll continue to use it.

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Have you ever heard of mooseloaf? Me either until now. And you know what? It's awesome! I found an awesome recipe I can't wait to share. You'll love it!

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