Moose Loaf: Cook-a-thon ’10

My latest adventure in home cooking: moose loaf. You know, like beef meatloaf but with moose meat. Right!? I cooked it!

Moose Loaf

TLDR: I ended up cooking moose loaf after a series of unfortunate kitchen nightmares. As is typical when I’m cooking.

I’ve reached a new point in my home ownership: _______________

Actually, I don’t know what to call it, so I’ll describe it. Basically, I’ve been trying to set myself up to purchase groceries wisely, and yet still be able to host (read: serve more than macaroni).

And the past month went extremely well. Really!

I cooked a ton of meals and was able to be creative, have guests over for completely edible food, and had blissful leftovers in my lunches. Life was good.

But then yesterday happened. Yesterday! Well, it didn’t go as well.

It all started with breakfast. As usual I poured my cereal into my breakfast bowl, and, as usual, I poured milk on top.

Then I sat down with my blogs, breakfast, and a spoon and took. a. bite.


And that was only the beginning.

As I started to make my lunch I noticed mould on my bagel (please note I did not shell out for bagels. I have cast-off day-old stuff). Unfazed, I started cutting the mouldy bits out. But I couldn’t get them all. That’s right. My bagels were mouldy through and through. Unsalvageable even.

This unexpected and unwelcome discovery led to a complete clear out of the refrigerator. Nothing else was rotten…yet. But I didn’t trust anything to hold up for much longer.

So, I cancelled nearly all my plans after work and began a cook-a-thon with my Simple Suppers cookbook. I looked up recipes for all the ingredients in my fridge and just threw ’em in.

My most successful dish was this moose meatloaf. Moose loaf if you will. Actually I think it was supposed to be pesto meatloaf, but I only had moose. It’s super good and will continue my leftover lunch trend for days to come. Maybe even for the rest of the week!

In the end, the only ingredient I couldn’t use was the sour milk. I looked up a few recipes and realized I could only make coffee cake or whatever if I bought ALL the rest of the ingredients. And for what the cake would cost me to make, I reasoned I could afford to throw the milk away.

I put it down the sink but to my dismay, the sink chose that moment to clog. Probably the garbage disposal, I thought, and turned both the garburator and the water on full-blast.

Old Faithful appeared in my sink, but it wasn’t just an apparition. The real deal geyser left gunk and sour milk all over my kitchen.

Of course by this time it was after 8 p.m. and I still had to eat dinner. But after a day like the one I had, I just walked away.

Turning off the appliances and closing the blinds, I went down to the track with my neighbour and ran off some steam. By the time I returned to observe the disaster area I was content to eat some moose loaf (nicely cooled by this time), sop up the messy floor and counters, and go to bed.

Do not fear, I shall host again.

Just not this week!

My latest adventure in home cooking: moose loaf. You know, like beef meatloaf but with moose meat. Right!? I cooked it! Have you cooked with moose before?

Other kitchen adventures (although, alas, no more moose loaf stories)

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