Top Five Ways I’ve Changed Since Getting Married

Even though it’s hard to admit, I’ve changed since getting married. OK I see you rolling your eyes. But hear me out: It was important to me not to change! I wanted to be the same chicka, the same friend, the same person.

Ways I've Changed Since Getting Married

I didn’t want to be that girl who you hear about. The one who was pretending to have a life but was actually just sitting around waiting to get married to have a life. And for whatever reason I somehow interpreted it to mean I couldn’t change at all.

So here it is. The great reveal.

Top Five Ways I’ve Changed Since Getting Married

  1. Sharing. I’m selfish by nature and I’m still surprised at how easy it was for me to start sharing and how easily I’m adapting to it. Although I don’t really see why I would have to ever share a bathroom unless we only have one bathroom. Why? So I’m still not really sharing my bathroom but I’m aware of it and am opening up to the possibility. Ish
  2. Watching Boy Movies. At first I was tolerating these movies. Then I was suggesting them. To be nice. Now? Well, I’m kind of sort of enjoying them. SOME of them. I still think Zombieland was stupid. A little funny. Mostly stupid
  3. Teasing. Yes I’m bringing up the Snuggie again. But I’m still in shock a year later that I haven’t grown tired of the teasing. Instead I’m, like, kind of liking the attention. Before marriage I could put up with some teasing and would even banter a bit back, but before too long my patience would grow thin and the joke would get tired. So there’s that
  4. Kitchen Meltdowns. I’ve never had these before. Not that I can recall. But now there’s something developing in me. I want to…cook amazing food for my husband. And then if I screw it up I have a meltdown cause I’m so disappointed. What the what!?!
  5. Sushi. Just kidding. I still don’t like it and usually duck out of plans including it (sorry husband).

I’m curious to know how marriage has changed you (if you’re married)?

Top Five Ways I've Changed Since Getting Married. So, I've changed since getting married. Despite my best efforts, I am…wait for it…turning into a wife! A wife! Don't tell my husband.

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