How to Weave Local Marketing into Your Freelance Business This Year

The great thing about living in a virtual world is that we can easily take our business to the great big world. However, this doesn’t mean that we should ever discount local marketing.

How to Weave Local Marketing into Your Wonderful Business This Year

And, in fact, you shouldn’t.

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How to weave local marketing into your business

Being able to appeal to the customers that are local to you, not only will increase your sales but will also create a loyal, local customer base. 

Local marketing, as the name suggests, is targeting your marketing to your local area. This means that it differs from other types of marketing. 

Here are four ideas for incorporating local marketing into your business promotion strategy.

Try snail mail

I know, I know, everything is digital. But how awesome is it to receive mail? Now imagine ways you can promote your business through direct mail advertising. You don’t have to be like everyone else, find a meaningful way to stand out!

Or, if advertising isn’t your thing, how about physical onboarding or thank-you gifts? Something to consider.

Not only can direct mail be an incredibly effective form of local marketing, but it can be cost-effective too, when done right. 

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Connect with other local businesses

Chances are that there will plenty of local businesses just like you, trying to advertise themselves to those who live in the local area.

So, why not come together to see if you can make the most of your efforts.

Not only could they be useful to your business, but, by coming together, you could utilize each other’s local marketing customer bases in order to grow your own. 

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Attend local events

Another way to make sure that you are recognized as being a local brand is by attending local events.

This is even better if you can make it a charity or community event. This shows that you are not only a business that is based in their area, but also that you care about the local community too.

If you can show this, there is a much greater chance that those who live close by are going to want to use your services or buy your product.

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Use Google My Business

Google is the friend to many a business, when used right, which means that you need to understand the key tools that it has to offer you.

Google My Business is one of them and it is definitely tailored on a local level. It allows your customers to find out key information about you, such as where you are, how to get in touch, and also your opening hours.

It is also a place that customers can leave reviews and document their experiences with you in the past, appealing to a whole new breed of clients. 

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As you can see, local marketing is something that you should definitely be trying to get to grips with.

Not only is it important for the present time, but also for the future of your business too.

Local marketing is targeting your local area. Here are four ideas for incorporating local marketing into your business promotion strategy.

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