My Lack of Inspirational Note Taking

I’ve always prided myself on being the champion of note taking but I’ve found myself in a bit of a slump. Not good for a writer. Even though I got a nice new notebook (am I a nerd or what) and had all these wonderful intentions to take more notes.

Note Taking

Despite my great intentions of immediately take more notes it just never happened. I make sure to carry said notebook with me wherever I go, in case there’s something I want to write down. And sometimes I do write things in it, but to be honest in six months of carrying the book around I’ve only used about 10 pages.

An explanation for my Lack of Inspirational Note Taking

The reality of my failure to note-take hit me hard this week as I was stuck writing blogs for my real job and just couldn’t get going.

So I went to the notebook for inspiration.

Do you know how frustrating it is to have no notes.

But I powered through. (Because there’s apparently no such thing as writer’s block.) Instead of notes I just used my mind and I suppose that turned out alright. We’ll see when the blogs publish.

Even tonight as I sat at the computer I thought “didn’t I have an awesome blog idea to write about?” I looked around for a few minutes but found the only notes I’ve written this week were a grocery list and a packing list.


I bet my fabulous idea went to someone else. Some blogger who takes notes and then follows up on them.

Sorry guys. I’ll do better.

My Lack of Inspirational Note Taking: Back when I announced I had a new notebook (am I a nerd or what) I had wonderful intentions to take more notes. Sigh.

Update: I found a method for conquering writer’s block (because, well, I was blocked) and have documented my system. It has revolutionized my writing!