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You know that phrase Shut the Front Door? Have you heard it before? Is it a thing? Do you know what it means? I don’t know if I should admit this (because then you’ll know I’m old) but up until I looked it up just now, I had no CLUE what it meant. No clue.

Shut the Front Door

Shut the Front Door. It riddles me!

In a way that I would think of they phrase periodically and wonder whatever could it mean?

I think it’s a thing now. I don’t know who brought it here or why, but it’s a catch phrase. But don’t use it near me cause I’ll stare at you blankly. I won’t laugh. Cause I won’t get it.

To learn what this weird phrase meant I went to the only logical place I could think of: Urban Dictionary.

NOT used for S.T.F.U. replacement but for a more light-hearted “Get the F* outta here”, “I can’t believe it” banter used mainly by “valley” type girls. Vicky: I just got this Gucci sweater for only $75. Cindy: Shut the front door!! that’s awesome!

(Note I did adjust this definition for…SPELLING!)

Eeek! Shut the front door takes the place of a swear! I should have known

And yet, I’m still confused. Because the first time I heard this phrase it wasn’t used in this way. Actually, that’s probably 100 per cent of the reason why I don’t understand this phrase at all. I’ll show you the video clip of where I first heard “shut the front door.”

So…did you watch? What’s she saying?

This video reminded me of how much I like Kristin Chenoweth and miss Pushing Daisies and how much I’m enjoying the new TV show GCB, mostly because of her.

Conclusion: I now know what the phrase means and I do not think I’ll be incorporating it into my vocabulary.

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I don't know if I should admit this but up until I looked it up just now, I had no CLUE what the phrase "Shut the front door" meant. No clue.

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