Slow Cooker Mediterranean Red Potatoes

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Red Potatoes. This recipe was a giant hit with me, and I didn’t even use olives.

Mediterranean Red Potatoes

Once again, from my borrowed cookbook, Home-Tested Slow Cooker Recipes. I thought this one looked tasty. Also, I haven’t tried any side dishes in my slow cooker yet so I wanted the experience.

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Red Potatoes

I’ve learned there are many different kinds of potatoes and the red ones are kind of all-purpose. They have less starch than other potato varieties and hold their shape while cooking due to their waxy texture. So that’s interesting. I’ve also learned how to tell if a potato is waxy. Because…it’s good to know? Here’s how: feel the skin. If it feels thin and scratches off easily then it’s probably waxy. Don’t you feel informed?

Prepped - before cooking

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Red Potatoes

It’s a really simply recipe. The only hitch is you have to have some sort of souffle dish (I used a casserole dish—what’s the dif?) for the potatoes etc. and then you have to cover everything in tinfoil. And then you put the tinfoil present into the slow cooker, pour hot water around the tinfoil and cook for the day.

In the slow cooker

By the way, the instructions literally told me to make a handle for the souffle dish.

Tear off 3 (18×3-inch) strips of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Cross strips so they resemble wheel spokes. Place souffle dish in center of strips. Pull foil strips up and over dish and place dish in slow cooker.

Yeah. Right.

Slow Cooker Mediterranean Red Potatoes (cooked)

Didn’t do it and I could still get the dish out of the slow cooker no problem. NO PROBLEM! (The one time not following directions worked out OK…I’ll have to remember this.)

And everything was cooked perfectly and I enjoyed the potatoes thoroughly. The feta is key, I think.

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Slow Cooker Mediterranean Red Potatoes. This recipe was a giant hit with me, and I didn't even use olives.

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