Slow Food and Cookery

I don’t know if slow food is an actual term but in my mind it makes sense. There’s lots I don’t know about slow cooking and it’s time to do some research.

Slow Food

The first thing I need to know about slow food is to understand how it’s cooked

A slow cooker is a small appliance and it has three main features.

  1. Removable stoneware lining
  2. Metal outer shell
  3. Tempered glass lid

Even though cooking temperatures range from 200-300° Fahrenheit you can still set your dish and walk away. But you knew that. Because a slow cooker uses indirect heat, which is why you can set it on “low” and it never burns. Well, it shouldn’t burn. I can burn things just by walking past it but that’s probably not related to the slow cooker.

And, as the name indicates, slow cooking takes several hours. Like four or eight or more depending on the recipe. So why bother with slow food?

Slow cooking is an art. A lost and making a (slow) comeback art

This is because when you cook like this, you generally use more local, organic, natural, and raw ingredients. When we cook quickly we tend to gravitate towards the more processed, preserved, and packaged variety. It’s just easier.

It’s not like you can’t cook from scratch at dinner time and come up with amazing meals. You can. I just think slow cooking works really well for people who are busy, or who are out all day and too tired to cook at night but have some energy in the morning. Or whatever. OK no more guilt. You can eat whatever you want. But nothing is so great as entering your home after a long day and being greeted with an amazing smell of dinner all piping hot and ready for you to dig in.

Another cool thing about slow cooking is you can magically turn inexpensive cuts of meat into really delicious meals. Cause the juices and the spices and whatever else has the time to really mingle with the meat and make something good happen!

But mostly, at least for me, slow cooker recipes are really awesome for using ALL the crap in your fridge that risks turning nasty. Slow food and slow cooking is cool like that.

Oh, and if you think slow cookers are just for meat well think again! I don’t know just how it works yet but I’ve been reading and learning about all sorts of veggie dishes as well as…wait for it…dessert! Crazy.

What I’ve learned about slow food AKA slow cooking

Probably any lady over a certain age is kind of snickering at me only just discovering the art of slow cookery and all that encompasses: food management, food purchasing, food preparation, food preservation, and um…gardening. But you know, even though my mom let me prepare dinner sometimes growing up and I’ve done more than my fair share of weeding, I was raised in an age of widespread fast food chains and on-the-go dinners. And shakes for breakfast. Those are what we were told were good, and we listened. And I was a child athlete!

So yeah. Some people know this like the back of their hand. But perhaps more of us are learning this lost art for the first time. Or at least paying closer attention.

Some slow cooker recipes

I don't know if slow food is an actual term but in my mind it makes sense. There's lots I don't know about slow cooking and it's time to do some research.

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