Binary Clocks Explained (Sortof)

Well it’s time I admit something. About binary clocks. And since I kind-of sort-of brought up binary clocks subconsciously I suppose I wanted to.

binary clocks explained

Here’s my story about binary clocks

My husband thinks binary is cool. I learned this about him early in our relationship. Note to self: my husband thinks Binary is Cool.

This information prompted me to look it up on Wikipedia so I could have a conversation about it with him.

And then I had a great idea. Our one year anniversary was coming up and I couldn’t think of a single thing to get him. Honestly. I thought and thought about it and was just stumped. Here he was, threatening to get me a Snuggie, and all I could think of was rummaging through his video games to see what he didn’t have yet.

But then I realized all my troubles were over because I would get him a binary clock! Actually, I wanted to get him a binary watch but when I put the feelers out he noted he already has two watches and doesn’t wear either.

So our one year came and I produced my thoughtful and brilliant gift proudly. Ahh so great.

Long story short he thought it was “cool” and we stared at it for a while trying to figure out what time it was. And then it lived in the kitchen since LED lights were too bright for the bedroom.

Kind of a fail.

Anyway, so binary clocks are kind of close to my heart. I think they’re funny and weird and that’s, I suppose, why I thought it was so funny to be ironic about it and throw it into casual conversation.

Fast forward to present day

After the blog debuted I received a helpful email from a friend (who I now consider a binary genius), which proved to me that I actually have no idea how binary works.

So I showed my husband and my dad this nifty little list of numbers and after my husband verified they were, in fact, correct I tried my best to understand them.

I “know” it should be easy and straightforward but that doesn’t help me see the pattern any clearer.

I should also mention the email also contained a second calculation with my age in binary at my next birthday. However, my dad accidentally deleted it while viewing the message on my smartphone.

Just as well. Apparently I’m going to be 100,000.

Well it's time I admit something. About binary clocks. And since I kind-of sort-of brought binary clocks subconsciously I suppose I wanted to.

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