The Time I Tried TimePlay at Cineplex

I attended the TimePlay Vancouver launch at the Scotiabank Theatre. It was not the first time I used my phone at the movies…but it was the first time I didn’t feel guilty about it.

The Time I Tried TimePlay

The Time I Tried TimePlay

I’m no Tommy Texter…during the movie, but I like the idea of using my phone before it starts and this interface offers pre-movie interactive fun. I’m an immediate fan!

TimePlay Review

TimePlay is an interesting concept. If you have a smartphone you can download the free app, then choose a screen name. Unfortunately, I had to be “Robyn” because you’re not allowed nicknames, although the app did let my husband be “Winston.”

If you don’t have a smartphone there is a number you can dial into to participate with your regular cell phone but is that even a thing anymore?
Anyway, once you’re in the theatre all you have to do is get yourself on the TimePlay wireless network. And then in between the pre-show and the previews TimePlay begins!

Suddenly your phone turns into a controller and you start interacting with big screen. There are a series of games like multiple choice, throwing snowballs at the Koodo guy, and directing your own commercial. All while competing against everyone else in the theatre of course.

I bombed on the trivia games but did OK on snowball fight (fourth place baby!). Winston told me the snowball game was flawed because it only showed you when you hit the Mexican Koodo thing—not when you missed so you couldn’t improve your shot.

I think he was just sour because I smoked him.

So although really fun the entire TimePlay experience only lasted about three minutes. Not enough. I had to settle instead for popcorn and a movie.

James Bond in Skyfall. A close second to TimePlay.

Also I should mention I just updated my phone and noticed a couple improvements.

  • Optimized snowball toss control to include vibration feedback
  • Added new names, as requested by players

It’s like they read my mind! Still no “arbynblog” though…I’ll have to keep on top of that.

Other reviews

It was not the first time I used my phone at the movies…but it was completely justified because I was invited to try out TimePlay at the Vancouver launch.

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