OtterBox: Let Me Gush About It

A while ago I acquired an iPhone, and with it I purchased an OtterBox. It ran me about $50 but after a number of drops I deemed the case an excellent purchase.

Let Me Gush About OtterBox

My destructable OtterBox

However, the case proved somewhat destructible. (Note: it was a stranger’s dog who I hold responsible for the breakage.) Although only the case was injured and not the phone, the broken corner weakened the integrity of the rest of the case and the cracks just kept coming.

After putting up with the case for a while I began to fear for my phone’s safety and decided it was time to replace the case.

I did what any millennial would do (hey, I’m kind of a millennial, I’m between generations): I went to social media.

A lot of people told me to ditch the OtterBox and go for the $90 Lifeproof case. It’s reportedly “unbreakable” (I’d be interested in testing that claim out, in case anyone from LifePoof was wondering). But one comment held my interest—apparently OtterBox has an excellent warranty.

The OtterBox Warranty

What did I have to lose? I went online and filled in the form. However, it froze up on me so instead I emailed customer service with my inquiry. After a couple emails and a couple hoops (I had to send some specific information and photos) I received this email:

Hi Robyn, We have good news and not so good news. We’ll go for the not so good news first.

Not so good news: The replacement OtterBox Defender Series case for the iPhone 4 you requested has been discontinued, and we no longer have inventory of the exact case and color ordered to fulfill your request.

Good news: We are still able to replace your case! We have an all-new palate of Defender Series colors that are compatible with both your iPhone and the new iPhone 4S. You will notice a slight difference in the cutout around the camera on the front and back as well as a new, more robust silicone outer layer, but all other features remain the same.

Woohoo! Good news indeed!

Truth be told, I was more than ready to retire my pink case anyway.

I ended up going with “graphite” and it arrived at my doorstep less than a week after I chose my new case. I am impressed, thankful and willing to promote OtterBox to everyone I encounter.

The entire way through this process I kept thinking how great customer service and an excellent warranty policy really makes a world of difference. So, thanks OtterBox. And I hope you get way more than $50 worth of free PR.

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My new case arrived at my doorstep in less than a week. I am impressed, thankful, and willing to promote OtterBox to everyone I encounter. Awesome!

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