Top Five Jobs I Want to Have

When I put together my top five jobs I want to have it’s not an easy list to write, because I’ve kind of done the jobs I’ve been curious about.

Jobs I Want to Have

Here is my list of jobs I want to have from when I was younger. I have tried them all at one point or another.

Jobs I Want to Have

  • Waitress
  • Nanny
  • Assistant
  • Newspaper Reporter
  • Radio DJ

I’m mostly proud about the last two jobs. Those were amazing.

Anyway, the latest “job wish” I had was to be paid to write. And now that’s what I am paid to do. And, actually, it’s even better than that because I’m paid to BLOG.

But here is my Top Five DREAM Jobs I Want. In a perfect world where these types of things were possible and stuff and junk. Oh, and if they all paid well. And I never got bored.

Dream Jobs I Want to Have

  1. Fashionista. If they paid people to just hang out all the time and dress and act cool, I think it would be a fun thing to try on for a while. Conversations would be like this: “What do you do?” “Oh, no big deal. I’m a trendsetter.” Hmm. Isn’t that what Paris Hilton does? I should maybe re-think this one cause she seems kind of bored
  2. International businessman. Doesn’t that just SOUND intriguing? I want to know what it feels like
  3. Morning show radio host. Yeah, I know. Haha. I generally don’t like the morning shows I hear and yet I still want to have that experience and learn the ropes. I think it would be difficult to be “on” all the time. A good challenge
  4. Professional blogger. The popular kind who people want to read and have interesting and relevant things to say all the time. (I don’t know HOW they do it! They must have TEAMS of people, teams!)
  5. Author. Yeah, I want to write books. It’s scary to admit it because, you know, what if I don’t do it or what if I fail at it…but at least I know this is something I actually want. Otherwise I wouldn’t fear it so. Anyway, so I don’t know what kind or how many but I really do. Fiction or something. The stuff that gets turned into movies

Interesting stuff, huh?

Other top five lists

When I put together my top five jobs I want to have it's not an easy list to write, because I've kind of done the jobs I've been curious about.

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