Top Five Celebrity Crushes

It took mere moments for me to come up with my top five celebrity crushes of all time.

Top Five Celebrity Crushes

I’ll try to go chronologically but some may overlap as I did most of my crushing in high school.

Top Five Celebrity Crushes

Top Five All-Time Celebrity Crushes

Jared Leto. But not just 30 Seconds to Mars Jared Leto. I’m talking My So-Called Life Jared Leto. OH how I loved him. I even ripped a picture of him out of my Seventeen magazine and had it up on my bedroom wall. Appropriately hidden from my siblings, of course.

Ryan Phillipe. I don’t know what it was about his role in Cruel Intentions that I found so captivating but the bad boy thing really did it for me I guess. And the fact that he married Reese Witherspoon was, like, awesome. But then he divorced her so that wasn’t as awesome. Oh, plus I haven’t liked any of his films since so I suppose it was just a shallow affection I felt.

Joaquin Phoenix. I don’t know, he’s just a classy guy. (Plus isn’t he married to Reese Witherspoon?) I think he’s a talented actor plus very good looking. Also I think there’s something in me that thinks of River Phoenix every time I look at him and feel sad and nostalgic. Also I really like how he can sing like a better Johnny Cash. That’s pretty neat.

OK, here’s a big one

MxPx. The whole band. Well, except Yuri. I have never seen a band so many times as I’ve seen MxPx. I had every album, knew every song, had the shirts, had the merch, had the signatures. And I even ran into Mike in the Denver airport once. But, sadly, he did not immediately fall for me. I think this crush lasted a good decade, maybe longer. I don’t know what it was about the band—maybe it was because it was my first punk CD, perhaps I just really connected with what they sang about—but man I loved them. In fact, I distinctly remember thinking “There will never be a time when I don’t love MxPx.”

Tom Welling. OK this one doesn’t make ANY sense. Not only have I never seen anything he’s in (nope, not even Smallville) but I don’t know anything about him. And yet, I was semi-obsessed with Tom Welling (at least his name) for a good year or two. I even refused to call my friend’s cat by its name, instead preferring “Tom Welling.” Is that creepy or what?

So there we go. Any revelations? Surprises? Did I miss one? And (most importantly) who’s your celebrity crush?

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It took mere moments for me to come up with my top five celebrity crushes of all time. I'll try to go chronologically if I can.

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