Undercover Garage Sales (Where are the Lines?)

I’m having trouble defining true garage sales because I’m finding so many undercover garage sales. You know what I mean? Garage sales posing as something else.

Undercover Garage Sales

Well now my brain is all muddled up because I can’t see the lines. You know. The lines that clearly define what is and what isn’t a garage sale.

Here’s the thing. Since I’ve been researching garage sales I’ve been finding a lot of variety in the technicality of garage sales and what they mean.

Undercover garage sales

So I suppose the kind I’m thinking of is maybe the traditional or classic way garage sales have been approached. But thanks to the Global Village etc. etc. garage sales have, apparently, evolved. And gone underground.

Case in point: Online garage sales. If those aren’t undercover garage sales I don’t know what are.

Blow my mind, why don’t you. I spent I don’t know how many minutes reading about this guy and his little garage sale blog.

And then I started thinking about all my friends with blogs who occasionally sell off their stuff…

And then I remembered about Etsy and all the people that sell things on there…

So I can’t wrap my head around it. Where does one end and another begin? I mean, Etsy sells reused items…and garage sales sell reused items…

Is everyone a garage saler and just doesn’t know it?

Freaks me right out.

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I'm having trouble defining garage sales because I'm finding so many undercover garage sales. You know what I mean? Garage sales posing as something else.

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