Word Workout by Charles Harrington Elster [review]

Word Workout, written and narrated by author Charles Harrington Elster, is a four-part audio series for improving vocabulary. I found it fun and worthwhile.

Word Workout by Charles Harrington Elster [review]

Word Workout

People judge you by the words you use.

For the past two months I’ve spent my commuting time strengthening my vocabulary.

Fun stuff, right?


Word Workout, Level Two is written and narrated by author Charles Harrington Elster. It’s a four-part audiobook series for improving vocabulary. I’ve tried similar programs and had trouble keeping up but not this time. This time, I kept up and learned a lot!

I found this program fun and worthwhile. Maybe it’s the program pacing. Maybe it’s because Elster spends ample time on each word pronouncing, describing, defining, and taking about. Or maybe driving in my car is the perfect way to consume this style of teaching.

Published by Macmillan Audio, Word Workout is a nice way to spend a commute. There are quizzes at the end of each section—you’re not to advance until you get all the questions right! I’ve gone through the first two levels and am looking forward to levels three and four.

I’m thrilled an audiobook series like this is around reminding me the words I use say a lot about me. Because we live in a world where good grammar and strong writing skills are no longer seen as important. This program is a good reminder I can always improve my craft. Just because I’m an employed writer doesn’t mean I know everything!

Word Workout, Level Two: Building a Muscular Vocabulary in 10 Easy Steps Synopsis

Word Workout is a practical book for building vocabulary-a graduated program featuring thousands of words that begins with those known by most college graduates and ascends to words known only by the most educated, intelligent, and well-read adults. This workout is a comprehensive program, chock-full of information about synonyms, antonyms, and word origins, and replete with advice on proper usage and pronunciation. There are also creative review quizzes at each step of the way to measure your progress and reinforce learning. Unlike other vocabulary books, Word Workout provides a complete learning experience with clear explanations and surefire methods to retain new knowledge. Far more than a cram session for a standardized test, this book is designed as a lifetime vocabulary builder, featuring words used by the top tier of literate Americans, laid out in ten accessible chapters designed for anyone who is looking for some serious verbal exercise.

From “avowal” to “proselytize,” from “demagogue” to “mendicant,” Charles Harrington Elster has carefully picked the words you need to know, and given you an easy, fast, and fail-safe way to learn and remember them.

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Word Workout, written and narrated by author Charles Harrington Elster, is a four-part audio series for improving vocabulary. I found it fun and worthwhile

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