Are Vampires a Fad or a Trend?

Are vampires a fad or a trend? I’m not asking for a friend I’m asking for me. Trend or fad?

Are Vampires a Fad or a Trend

Vampires have been a big deal for a long, long time. However, they weren’t really pop-culture icons before the whole Twilight thing.

Are vampires a fad or a trend?

Well, as far as I can tell, vampires were really scary and the fear of said mythical horrors kept you indoors at night and afraid of old guys living in big houses alone, big houses with spider webs and flickering lights. And now they’re our sensitive heroes.

But I’ll get to all that in time. Because the old school vampires are much more interesting than the vampire culture we have going on now.

You know, in my opinion.

I was reading up on fads vs. trends in case I was forgetting their meanings and I came across a pretty funny definition of fads. The author said fads are defined as popular things, which are “short-lived.” Said author used these three examples of fads.

  1. South Park
  2. Foam Parties
  3. Tickle Me Elmo

Now I don’t know if this is just super crazy timing but my husband and I experienced not just one but all three of these topics this past weekend.

Not exaggerating or joking and NOT doing it for the blog

I’ll break it down for those of you who are less-than-impressed with the crazy coincidence. And then we’ll relate it to the are vampires a fad or a trend question of the day.

First Example

Friday I attend a little mompreneur party and my husband invited a friend over to hang out. What did they do? Watch five episodes of South Park. Not just that, once I got home my husband relayed an entire episode to me as my bedtime story.

Second Example

On Saturday, my husband and I attended a birthday party at a local restaurant. When we left around 9:30 p.m. we noticed a massive line at the sketchy pub across the street. A massive line filled with people in rather odd costumes for December. A lot of white. A lot of skin. And a lot of tight.

I don’t live in a place where there are lines for things. If there’s a line somewhere you drive to the next place. We don’t “do” lines. So this was curious. But we had things to do. We were walking across the street and a friend of ours yelled from their truck waiting at the light, “Hey, want to go to a foam party?”

A foam party! Serious!

Third Example

This morning we were doing a little shopping and had a bit of an adventure trying to use some gift cards and purchase items from our wedding registry. While we were at the store, waiting to get things sorted out, my husband pointed out an Elmo T-shirt behind the register.

“Remember when Tickle Me Elmo was such a big deal and people were fighting over the toys in public?”

I did remember. And then we proceeded to re-inact the memory while our Customer Service Representative waited on hold with head office.


So, either this guy really doesn’t know what a fad is, or we are completely stuck in the dark ages. Like vampires!

Are vampires a fad or a trend? I tried to write a blog claiming vampires are a passing fad (not a lasting trend) and I learned I cannot verify this opinion/claim. Because things have to go away to call them a fad.

So, vampires a fad or a trend? Here are some More vampire posts to help you decide

Are vampires a fad or a trend? I'm not asking for a friend I'm asking for me. Trend or fad? Vampires have been a big deal for a long, long time. So...trend?

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