Vampires Can Be Fun, Too

Vampires can be fun, they don’t have to just be scary bloodsuckers. So that’s amazing. Maybe I can actually watch some of those vampire shows without covering my eyes the whole time? Maybe I’ll even enjoy it?

Vampires can be fun too

Vampires can be fun and I’ll prove it through the magic of television

My friend emailed and said he had a couple shows about vampires (not vampire shows, just episodes of cool shows that had vampires in them briefly) and would I like to see them?

Well, no because I don’t like vampires. Because they’re thirsty scary bloodsuckers.

But then he told me vampires can be fun, too. And I thought…well alright then.

Spoiler alert: Both were from TV series’ I’ve never really watched but actually enjoyed

The first, was Castle, Vampire Weekend.

The show looked at a vampire sub-culture that didn’t take itself too seriously. Although they drank human blood. *shivers*

Anyway, the star of Castle is was the star of Firefly and he did a little joke about that in the first scene, which was awesome. He dressed up as a Space Cowboy for Halloween. Hahah.

Anyway, it wasn’t too bloody or scary and they caught the killer. Who killed a guy. By driving a stake through his heart with a rock.
Gross. Oh, and the kid had fake vampire teeth.

The second, was The X-Files, Bad Blood

The show took a comical approach to vampires, like really comical. And yet…it was troubling! And creepy! Also confusing. As the viewer I think you’re as confused as Agents Mulder and Scully. So that’s good, they keep you guessing till the end.

And it does end, but it’s not, like, over. Luke Wilson was in this episode, and he was really good. Also, I’ve never watched the X-Files before (I know, right?) and I can’t believe I didn’t. It is quite entertaining!

Anyway, the X-Files episode packed a lot of vampire information into it. So much so I felt the need to take notes and research it for later. Hopefully I get to it, this month seems to be flying by.

In this episode the person with fake vampire teeth is also murdered by having a stake driven through his heart with a rock. However…once the stake is removed…VAMPIRE! Scary!

I’m glad to know vampires can be fun too, not just creepy or stupid or weird.

Vampires don't have to be all scary all the time. Vampires can be fun too. Especially on network TV. Join me as I explore the wacky world of TV vampires.

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