Wait…Can You Be Killed if You’re Already Dead?

OK so I’m wondering, can you be killed if you’re already dead? I’ve been researching this deep question because I’m super into vampires these days. Here’s what I found: Yes, but no.

Can You Be Killed if You're Already Dead

Wait, what now?

Well, I’ll back up a step. I watched some shows about vampires and they left me with some questions.

For example, both shows I watched (Vampire Weekend and Bad Blood if you don’t want to click on the handy link) had the “vampire” be “killed” with a stake through the heart, pounded in by a rock.

But can you be killed if you’re already dead?

You know what I mean? Aside from the nastiness of the way these vampires were executed, I also am wondering why both vampires in both shows were killed in the same way.

Answer? Easy. According to my extensive research Google search the old “stake through the heart” method is the most traditional way thought to kill a vampire.

And, apparently, this method will put the vampire into some sort of trance (the Internet was really divided on what actually happens, believe it or not) where they’re not conscious (if they’re ever conscious), not breathing (if they ever breathe), not moving, etc. Then their body will start to shrink and mummify or whatever. But definitely not decompose because then the whole “coming back to life thing” wouldn’t work now would it.

Because…can you be killed if you’re already dead?

Oh that’s right, because if the stake is removed no matter how much longer after the stake is inserted. Well, the vampire comes back to the…undead state.

Re-undead. Alive, to undead, to dead, to undead. Again. OK, whatever.

I also read a whole bunch about vampires not really being alive, or being demon-possessed, or being demons, and it brings up even more questions.

But mostly (and of course that’s accepting the premise in the first place that vampires are real) here are my additional questions (aside from the can you be killed if you’re already dead thing).

  • If you’re a vampire…do you have any consciousness? I mean, you apparently don’t have a soul, and isn’t that where your consciousness is?
  • What are you if you don’t have a consciousness?
  • Are you aware of your past life? Or of your present? Do you even have a life?

It just doesn’t seem like a very good situation, you know? So many questions.

OK so I'm wondering, can you be killed if you're already dead? I've been researching this deep question because I'm super into vampires these days. Here's what I found: Yes, but no.

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