Giraffe vs. Lion: Battle to the Death

When you think of a battle of giraffe vs. lion you might thing it’s straightforward but giraffe’s fight really weird.

Giraffe vs. Lion

Here’s what I know about giraffes:

  • Mammals
  • Land-based
  • Tallest land-living animal measuring in between 14 and 17 feet
  • Weigh 800-1,200 kilograms
  • Can live for long periods without food or drink
  • Leopard-spotted fur acts as a chemical defense—antibiotic and parasite repellents
  • Sleep for about five hours a day
  • Can sprint at 60 km/h
  • Difficult and dangerous prey

This last point is what I’m interested in. You see these gentle giants only seem to sit there chewing tree branches all the day long. But actually, when a giraffe runs, it gets air! Also, it can kick. Them fighting giraffes. And, actually, lions are the only serious threat to an adult giraffe.

So my next question—Giraffe vs. Lion. How would a fight between a giraffe and lion go down?

The answers will come, my friends. In a form worthy of a weak Deadliest Warrior imitation.

And whoever wins that battle will go on to compete in The Stupid Animal Battle Championship!

Giraffe vs. Lion: Battle to the Death

So the question is who would win: a giraffe or a lion?

If we were to believe most nature videos, not good. And it looks really, really easy for the lion.

However, giraffe’s travel in herds to protect themselves against lion attacks. When lions are hunting a giraffe, the others in the herd get all aggressive and kick the lions. There are some great videos online so check them out if you’re curios.

Here’s what I know about lions:

  • Mammal
  • One of the four “big cats” and the second largest cat (next to the tiger)
  • Tallest of the “big cats” and the second heaviest cat (next to the tiger)
  • Males weigh 330-550 lbs and females weigh 260-400 lbs
  • Live around 10 years
  • Rest for 20 hours per day, walk for two hours per day, and eat for nearly an hour per day
  • Can only run in short bursts, so they have to sneak up on their prey
  • Known as apex predators (have no natural predators)

Now let’s look at each animal’s attributes with fake values attributed to their skills and natural tendencies:

Giraffe vs. Lion

After careful review I find the lion would win in a battle to the death by just a smidge. And if it was a one-on-one battle to the death (which would be rare for both parties), the lion would definitely win.

So that was giraffe vs. lion. Next round? Lion vs. Tiger.

When you think of a battle of giraffe vs. lion you might thing it's straightforward but giraffe's fight really weird.

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