Showing Impact and Making a Difference

I always knew what I do makes an impact but it’s tricky showing impact. Reading people’s stories of how what we do makes a difference…makes a difference.

Insight for Living Canada Gives Me Strength

Showing impact and making a difference

For the past five years I’ve worked as a writer at a national non-profit called Insight for Living Canada.

I don’t talk about it too much, mostly because I’d like my personal site to be a bit separated from my professional work. However, my day job is where I do most of my writing. So what else is there to talk about?

The lines are blurry. Really blurry.

So today I’m going to talk about work

June is a big month at my organization because it’s the end of the budget year. So we have to do a ton of fundraising but the hurdle is it’s a big deal to us but why would anyone else care? June isn’t a big deal financially. No end-of-year, no taxes, nada.

How do you fundraise for a cause no one cares about?

This. This is my struggle.

I mean, sure. Some people care about an organizational fiscal year-end but in the big picture…only a few. So what do you focus on?

There’s a formula we follow for fundraising (probably every fundraiser has tips and tricks) and it’s fine but I’m in a space in life where I want to make an impact with my words. I don’t want to sit back and fill in the blanks for meet the status quo. I want to set the bar higher, and smash that goal too.

Insight for Living Canada gives me courage

So with a tired formula and little else I started researching. I did a lot of research. And I looked at what other non-profits were doing. I noted what I liked and what I didn’t like. And then I thought about the people who already donate to this organization and I wondered…why? Why do they give their money to Insight for Living? They don’t have to. So why?

And then inspiration struck

This is the thing. I work for an organization lacking in sad children, cute puppies, trendy hashtags and viral videos. But I also work for an organization that helps people and even though it is a bit tougher to visualize there’s something here. So why not look at what people are already telling us about what we do and let everyone else know?

Insight for Living Canada gives me hope

Showing impact and making a difference

After weeks of nothing a campaign came together in a few short days. Impact.

Everything is still rolling out so I can’t say for certain it has smashed the bar but I’m happy with the focus. It is inspirational, it tells the truth, it shows instead of tells, and it makes me believe what we do is important.

I always knew it but it’s easy to forget when you’re sitting in an office racing deadlines and managing emergencies. Reading people’s stories of how what we do makes a difference…it makes a difference.

Even if nothing comes from this campaign I’m proud of it because it impacted me.

I always knew what I do makes an impact but it's tricky showing impact. Reading people's stories of how what we do makes a difference…makes a difference.

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