Covered Mirrors | DIY Project for Under $5

My latest DIY project is covered mirrors. There is probably a legit crafty name for it but I don’t know it. And Google doesn’t help you when you don’t know what things are called.

DIY Covered Mirrors

I took three Ikea Malma mirrors and covered two with leftover fabric from my remnant pillowcases. The third I covered with leftover wallpaper from an old wallpaper project.

Now, I should say I thought I got a smoking deal. I picked up three mirrors for $5 at the discount furniture place. But when I looked up how much they sell for I realized I’m only saving a bit. Because they retail for $2.99 each. So I did get a deal. And if I had gone to Ikea then I could only have done two mirrors for $5 not three. So, that’s a bonus. Three is the right number.

These covered mirrors were an improvised project to say the least.

Loose instructions for DIY covered mirrors

I started by roughly measuring, then scoring the middle where I needed to cut for the mirror. Then I used spray adhesive to the max and stuck it on. The fabric went a lot smoother than the wallpaper. That stuff did not want to listen and I ended up with more on me than I did the actual project.

But in the end I think they’re off to a great start. They definitely need to dry for a week (maybe not a week but that’s how long I’m leaving them for) before I can trim the excess and work on making them pretty.

My end plan is to use ribbon or create some sort of icord or…that finishing stuff people use on pillows to put on the inside of the mirror to hide how not straight my cutting was.

This is a really quick and easy gift (except for the drying time) to put together and even though I think I’m going to give this one to me (it matches my stuff…) I could see myself working a bit harder on making some really neat covered mirrors for housewarming gifts.

I don’t know how you price out the remnants of remnants used here, since I originally purchased them for a different project altogether. In my mind they were free, so I really only spent $5 this time around.

Other DIY projects you can attempt even if you’re not that crafty

My latest DIY project is covered mirrors. There is probably a legit crafty name for it but I don't know it and Google doesn't help you when you don't know what things are called.

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