A Visit to Maan Farms

My first assignment freelance writing for the Mrs. Abbotsford blog was to visit the newly-burned Maan Farms to see how they’re getting on. Summary: They’re doing well.

A Visit to Maan Farms

A Visit to Maan Farms

A few weeks ago I began a freelance contract with Tourism Abbotsford and I am happy to talk about it now the ink is dry. Maybe I could have brought it up earlier but it felt in poor taste. Now I have something to talk about.

The plan is for me to post periodically on the Mrs. Abbotsford blog. First of all, I love the concept. Mrs. Abbotsford is this hip lady who has lived here all her life and her passion is to share her “City in the Country” with everyone she meets. Her blog is for residents and locals alike, to help us explore her city and get the most out of our time here.

I’ve lived in Abbotsford for the past four years but I’m not as acquainted with what happens in Abbotsford. In fact I’ve been known to wonder if there’s anything to do here. Maybe I’ve even wondered this aloud. Maybe.

If you’ve ever wondered this same question I have great news! My new gig is to explore and discover Abbotsford and then write about it!

My first assignment was to visit the newly-burned Maan Farms to see how they’re getting on. I wrote all about it over on Mrs. Abbotsford’s blog but here’s a quick summary: they’re doing well. The fire was tragic but it’s not slowing them down.

Plus they just opened the corn maze!

Farmer Amir toured me around the week before it opened to the public and attempted to teach me how a corn maze comes together. Unfortunately Farmer Robyn needs to learn a few things about planting and farming in general before she’ll be able to grasp the complexities of corn mazery. He was gracious…but I know how it is. City girl, wondering how on earth this brilliant maze comes into existence without the help of chainsaws.

It’s true. I’m ridiculous.

The good news is I believe I have enough information to successfully create a maze of my own one day. If I ever move out of this condo. And have a field I don’t care to farm, yet want to plant corn upon and then create a maze within.

It could happen

Wind-blown corn

There’s one section of the maze, which was destroyed by a wind storm. It was so creepy, there in the middle of the maze. Farmer Amir told me they would have to incorporate the destruction into the design because it would be weird to make it all the way to the middle for there to be a wide-open space.

I agreed. But I didn’t know how on earth they would prop up all that corn carnage in time for the maze to open.

Turns out they were thinking of making a crop circle. GENIUS! Even though I’m an insider and know the hard workers at the farm would be the ones creating the UFO brand…I’m still freaked out by the idea. And I’m dying to see how it turned out.

Anyone fancy a creepy trip to a corn maze in the next few weeks?

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My first assignment freelance writing for the Mrs. Abbotsford blog was to visit the newly-burned Maan Farms to see how they're getting on. Summary: They're doing well.

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